Sunday, 8 June 2008


I regained consciousness somewhere over northern Africa. I drank some water and passed out again.

I have had too much champagne and too much wine.

In my bag I had R30 left over from my last trip to South Africa in March. At Johannesburg there was only one thing to do with the money.

At 9am I nursed my aching hangover with a beer. It was cold. And it was bitter. Just heavenly.

I sat at Johannesburg International Airport in the same clothes from the day before, smelly, hungover and tired. Crusty and not having brushed my teeth for 12 hours.

Me. Broken.

But now I am here, 10,000 miles from London. I feel like the airforce, RAF.

Rough As Fuck but nearly home.


Steven said...

Haven't brushed your teeth in 12 hours?

Remind me not to kiss you.

Bobby Cox said...

Steven: It's now about 14 hours. Come and gissa kissy. Smooch. Smooch.
That's if you can get past the haze of alcohol in which I am enveloped.

Queers United said...

i could use a beer as of now

Anonymous said...

You look like I did when I landed at Heathrow last month. And my flight was only 9 hours. My excuse wasn’t the alcohol, it was the “Damn it, this pill is not working…I know, I’ll take another…”(4 hours before landing).

Brought back memories of my hippie daze. I mean days.


dickophile said...

raf haha! rofl.

Anonymous said...

June 9th, 2008

HappyBirthdayToYou, HappyBirthdayToYou
HaveAGreatDay & AnEvenBetterNight

Timmy said...

I'll give you a mint and then kiss you and spritz you with some cologne. xoxox

seahorse said...

ok lets try again. Eppie Eppie Bifday 2 you! Go and paint the town pink or otherwise settle down with some vintage pink... Have fun in your 3rd decade..

czechOUT said...

Happy B'day B'bby

welcome to your middle youth


Timmy said...

Happy Birfday!