Monday, 16 June 2008

Point and snigger

The one thing about tattoos is that they're permanent.

Yes, laser bla bla bla. If you could erase them as easily as you get them done, everyone would have one. Me included.

I thought about getting one for my 30th. Fuck knows what it would have been but my sister got one on her 21st and so I thought it would be something to make life a little more interesting. I never bothered though.

I couldn't put my finger on exactly why wasn't keen on tattoos, that was, until I was out on Saturday night.

The thing with them is this...

Yes, everyone calls them Tramp Stamps but I've been called worse.
Yes, they're permanent but screw that. Whatever.
Yes, when you get arrested one of the first things the police do is to note down the details of any tattoos you may have. Bla bla. I have blue eyes. They can note that down if they like.

Do you know what the problem with tattoos is? Everyone's too polite to tell you what they really think.

So I'm out with friends at a poove bar in Cape Town. I'm talking about getting a tattoo and my best friend Ian says "Bobby, have you seen Mia's tattoo?"

I go "no, who's Mia and what's so interesting about her tattoo...?" and Ian says "wait til you see this." So Ian goes to find Mia on the dancefloor so that she can show me her tattoo. They come over and at first she's reluctant.

Of course others in our group have also become curious. "Mia, let's see it then..."

So Mia lifts up her top and pulls down her jeans slightly. There it is, just above the hairline to her nether bits.

And everyone goes "ohmygod!". "Wow." "Jeez, that's interesting" But not one person said what they really thought until Mia was out of earshot.


dickophile said...

it might seem stupid to some but considering how dense straight guys can be not to mention how they are notorious for not knowing what to do with a woman she may just be on to something. in fact, she should add a little arrow pointing down for the really slow guys.

seahorse said...

haha cute! I would add a little perhaps... After 'fuck me' lets add 'silly' mmm..

Bobby Cox said...

Dick: And then she could get one in the small of her back saying "Not Here", unless of course...

Seahorse: Silly indeed.

dickophile said...

haha. rofl. you know some girls do imbibe. bitches are giving us a run for our money.

Oxford said...

I know you didn't ask for our opinions, but here goes.


Words that spring to mind when I think about tattoo's are:

-Attention seeking
-Sign of the classes
-Fixations about the tattoo not about the person (people liking them)
-Immature (even though most people start getting them late 20's which by default gives away your age)
-Dreary personality

Bobby Cox said...

Dick: I know they do, I've seen the films...

Oxford: That's the joy of having a blog really, just like the comments. No-one really asks for your opinion but you can give it anyway. It's neat.

ANDRE said...

I'm sure that of my sister sees that picture she's gonna have the same tattoo all over her body within a week...

By the way, it looks better than the shark I have inked on my back since I was 16!

you should start a silly tattoo competition for the readers of your blog!

London Preppy said...

I'm not here to make assumptions about your/our blog readers - no wait, I am - but there is only one person who comments relentlessly when I write anything about tattoos and the main characteristics of his comments are:

- he closely links having tattoos with a "lack of personality" (whatever that means)

- he spells the word tattoos thus: tattoo's

I am not even going to finish this wild accusation

Timmy said...

well that will come in handy if she ever becomes a mute. when she's in the mood all she has to do is lift her blouse.

I was supposed to get a tattoo on the day after my 40th b'day which turned out to be 9/11/01. Decided getting permanently inked on that day probably wasn't a good idea since it would be with me forever. I still have the design.

Alfred said...

I like the gay club,is it on London? I am woder about this tattoo.Did she feel regret got this tattoo?
and try to watch this video

Bobby Cox said...

Andrea: We're not doing "show us your tattoo" competitions because
Except for you... i have to see a picture of this shark NOW.

London P: oh please - cast wild accusations. because whoever oxford is, he has someone in mind. and also sticking wild fucking apostrophe's in, isnt good.

timster: be a devil and go and get the tattoo anyway. unless it says "fuck me". then don't get it.

Bobby Cox said...

alfred: what a terrible video. i started to watch it and then turned it off.
why do you have that?

Alfred said...

Yes i do. do you know this video is some student send it to me.I think every body know this video on my school.I don't know why they will think this is fun.I am relly sorry make you afraid.

Bobby Cox said...

Alfred: Thanks for sending anyway. Don't worry, I am fine x x

ANDRE said...

here it is, in all its shameful resemblance to the Maui surf brand logo :)

I was young and didn't know a thing about life... ahahaha

Bobby Cox said...

andrea: dude. it's rip!
hahahaha how funny... why don't you get it coloured in? go on...