Sunday, 24 January 2010

Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie divorce in shock Manchester United shirts*

* = obvious rubbish but for the sakes of SEO (aka making your site credible in the eyes of Google) we have to insert important words into the title.

Yes, I know. So.

The problem is that the internet in South Africa is reliably shit so you can't really do much. I was on holiday there, it was nice.

But now I am back in the UK, which is nice. Sort of.

Being back in Britain means using the internet is a far easier experience which is why I've been able to stick some of my favourite holiday pics on Flickr.

If you want to have a flick through them you can do... some of them I quite like and the only reason I do is because Cape Town is photo-tastic.

If you want to see some of the photos, click on the lonely rich man in his swimming pool in Clifton...

Although that's not what I wanted to show you.

Right. So we all know that this place has become a little dusty of late and that's because I have been working on something else.

No, not another ... basically, I tried it last year and gave up sometime in May mainly because I dropped my one and only camera.

It couldn't really work if you didn't have a camera. Now though, I have back-ups.

So basically... new toy but the toy you're looking at isn't going to be thrown into the bin. It's not dead, nothing's stopped and and...

Click to take you there, baby...

If you like it, you can check back but there are some points...

1/ I will take a new photo every day but sometimes I am not going to be near the internet in order to post it. I will do my best. Innit.
2/ Um...
3/ It's already annoying me because some of the colours in the photos look odd. And there's no uniform colour, structure or feel to the pictures. They're all a bit haphazard but maybe that's the point?!
I dunno - maybe they would be boring if they had some sort of uniform style.

Hopefully as the year progresses the photos will get better and better. Whatever.

Um... yeah.

Anyone for tennis?


Mike said...

Welcome back!
Hope you had a great time in SA.. I know i did. Back again in September..

scotrock said...

I thought you never - ever - flew SAA.

I'm usually in steerage whenever I fly. The very concept of an open bar is alien to me.

Good to see you back!

Jake said...

Your title "Year of Cox" is rather click through expecting to see a different male appendage for every day, instead it's just a series of high quality images of random things!

Ah well, disappointment aside I still like it so far. What camera are you using? The shots look great.

Stephen Chapman... said...

I always suspected that Brad would be Man Utd fan!

Randell said...

where are you ? areyou still alive ?

Anonymous said...

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