Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The books aren't his

Look at this poor fucker in the Borders earlier today...

Sat on the bench in filthy clothes he had a bottle of vodka and fruit juice at his feet while slumped into a book. It didn't look like he was reading much.

Did he have a home to go to or was a he facing another night on the street?

Maybe he was once a brave soldier who went to fight in Iraq and came back with the horrors of war etched on his conscience. Now just a wreck, wasted. A few weeks after his return the screams in his head became too loud and he beat up his pregnant girlfriend, she lost their young baby. Families don't want him as theirs.

Maybe he was once a model with good hair and abdominal definition who developed a drug habit so he turned to making himself available for a fee. Perhaps towards the end he would let old guys fuck him for crack. He is not gay but the preying homosexuals fucked the life out of him. He's slumped there with his blackened fingernails and yellow teeth, now too ugly for anyone to want to fuck him.

Perhaps he was a juvenile thug who grew up on an estate with parents who were abusive and alcoholics. With no-one to call family he's now sat in the bookstore, crying into the books he wish he could understand.

But he's too drunk and exhausted so his eyes close and he slumps into the book he can't comprehend. He stinks and people move away from him. He is rejected.

Except for a brief moment. As someone walks past they spot him and photograph him with their mobile phone. They get home and post the picture on their blog. And hundreds of people around the world get a glimpse of some mother's son, drunk and alone, slumped in a bookstore with a bottle of vodka at his feet.


Alfred said...

Today is very silent.Bobby it is your funny jock. I think he is not that horrible.Did he do some crazy think?Why you called him fucker it is not really nice.But i can not understand why he is drink on the book shop and hold the book. Had you try to drink? What are you doing when you are drink? May be i need careful don't drink on the London.

Ha another question are you still using VB g-mail or new email address i may be sent email for you.

W said...

probably the best post you have ever done.

Superdrewby said...

are you posting this because deep down you scrae yourself that you could end up like this?

it is a scary thought that anyone can go from 'normal' to homeless with a drug or alcohol addiction

Anonymous said...

I'm going to speak from personal experience and say that he's a gradstudent prepping for the big exam.

K said...

Very interesting post - each one has their story indeed.

fleetmonkey said...

Its slightly classier that hes gone into Borders than WHSmiths

ANDRE said...

I'm quite embarassed because I once looked like that in front of the Abercrombie store on Savile Row.

Was the poor bastard cute? He has a cute head.

riley said...

this entry is sobriety at its clearest. brilliant.

not unlike what superdrewby said, awareness hurts.