Monday, 19 April 2010

Gordon Ramsay's filthy mouth

Hell's Kitchen USA is currently on ITV 2, that "cookery" programme in which Gordon Ramsay gratuitously swears profusely at contestants in the most contrived manner possible. The irony is nearly comical.

Gordon Ramsay has to pick a winner; that is, the chef who's produced the tastiest food.

However, isn't it strangely ironic that to get people to produce really beautiful food, out of Ramsay's mouth emanates the most toxic and vile language?

There's a quote; "cooking done with care is an act of love". So how does Gordon Ramsay interpret that?

Fuck, fuck, don't fuck it up, fuck man, that's fucking shit. Fuck. Shit. You're fucking shit. Fuck fucking fuck fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fucking fuck shit. Fuck.

He doesn't need tasty souffle in his mouth, he needs hot soapy water.



MadeInScotland said...

he wears me down. Didn't he cheat spectacularly on his wife?

Yeah, tasty that, chef.


fleetmonkey said...

Did you see the way he was talking to the wedding guests on that show he did in India - really turned me off his product.

Paul Brownsey said...

Not just ironic.

When schoolkids shout and swear at their teachers I wonder how much of it they got from GR, who has made a career and lots of money out of saying "fuck" aggressively in public.

firstimpre55ion said...

But isn't that what makes it funny? Nearly all the contestants want to shit their pants when they're on the show and even more so when they fuck up! It's always stupid mistakes or that they've been a sous chef for years! But he's such a lamb when he's not in the kitchen! haha

Jackdaw said...

I never understood why people think his swearing is funny. Sad maybe, but funny...?