Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The End

The End.

That's it.

This was my life but life moves on. I have moved on. Thank you for reading when you did.

All of this and everything that's gone before it will stay up until someone decides it should be taken down.

I know I should have done it sooner.

The End.

The End. The End. The End.

If you want further entertainment try Random Hot Guys. It's at


Jake said...

I don't get it - just the end of this particular blog, but not the end of you blogging, right?

Hope Foxy Coxy is around for a long time! I love your blog Cox!

Anonymous said...

sic transit gloria mundi

Gerry said...

I knew there had to be more. See you there.

Anonymous said...

I could tell you were winding down, Bobby. Love that the blogging isn't stoping, though, I absolutely adore your writing and your sense of humor! Your life (and your perspective on it) was always super interesting, hope we can see some of that on Foxy Coxy.

Thanks for everything, and keep up the great work! :)

A kiss from an on and off (mostly on) reader since your first blog (whose name I don't remember!),

x's and o's,

A-Gay in Chi.