Tuesday, 16 March 2010

David Beckham causes earthquake in snowy Vancouver*

* = not really, but it sounds good.

I know we've done it before but like a dog returning to its own vomit, we'll do it again...

This is only because it's one of my obsessions... So, how much do we love pictures of suburbia?

You'll find the original here.

The original photo is here.

This is nearly as cool as a David Hockney painting...

See the original photo here.

And then this one, which almost has The Jetsons theme tune running in my head...

The original photo is posted here.

Be. Still. My. Beating. Heart...!

The original photos is available here.

It's the awnings man... it's all about the awnings!

The picture is available here.

Okay... I think that's enough obsessing about amazing houses...

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fleetmonkey said...

Is this another one of your reactions to being a Londonite with a rented flat. With what I expect your paying on your place I imagine you could probably think about a mortgage on something nice out of town. Although you would become one of those people who has to spend large amounts of their day and their salary on the railways.

Better still - go local and come work for BBC South - you could be Sally Taylors bitch. I once chatted up a guy online who had the job and he said she was ok as long as you kept her plied with fruit loops - which probably goes for most on screen talent.