Saturday, 27 March 2010

Passenger action on the Jubilee Line

Have you ever been on the Tube when there have been delays because of "passenger action"? I sometimes wonder what they mean by "passenger action" because Transport for London are usually quite explicit.

If someone jumps in front of a train they say that there are delays "due to a person under a train". Or if someone is taken ill then they will say just that.

But what is "passenger action?" Well, I can tell you.

It's Friday 26th March 2010 (holy shit where is the year going?!)

Anyway, I am travelling into Central London at around 22:20 and I get into a carriage where there is a woman sat who is, quite simply, raving. She's shaking and yelling.

This being London, everyone else is ignoring her by reading their paper but someone has pulled the alarm.

There are two extra-strength beer tins on the floor where she is sat and she's holding another one.

I step out of the carriage as soon as I got on and it's not long before staff from the station arrive.

The Tube employee is trying to get the woman to let go of the can of alcohol that she won't stop drinking from.

It's not long before the ambulance service arrives and thankfully by this time they have managed to prize the can of lager from the woman's grip. Can you see it on the ground near the door?

Now we get to the frustrating bit.

The woman is absolutely inebriated, on super-strength beer so she's shaking, shouting and refuses to get off the train. I reckon she was bordering on an alcoholic stupor. She can't speak but is making loud shouty noises.

And when the paramedics try to lift her up, she yelps and wiggles loose to become free and fall back into the chair. She's too drunk to even tell them to fuck off!

(Note man with newspaper...)

Finally, having sat there for about 5 minutes, other paramedics have arrived and with the help of the station staff, the woman is picked up and bundled off the train...

She off and we're on the move!

We arrive at the next station, the train doors open and from the platform you can hear the automated announcement.

"Ladies and Gentleman there are delays reported on the Jubilee Line due to passenger action at West Hampstead station."

So you know what that means...

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