Monday, 22 December 2008

The Beautiful People

The party theme is The Beautiful and the Damned so I decide that my housemate and I must go together, she beautiful and I damned.

On Saturday morning, after a particularly hellish week, I find myself in Camden Town with a list.

Camden Town is pretty much the epicentre of alternative and boho punk-loving tattooed-up, pierced and flame-haired looneys. It's great.

To help with my morning shop I found the following songs particularly helpful - they played a gentle roar on my iPod;

1/ (m)Obscene
2/ Get Your Gun
3/ New Model No. 15 (I am currently re-inlove with this tune)

No-one would have known which is probably why I was getting funny looks while perusing the clothes rack in Metal Militia.

Everyone else dressed in black with a nose-ring, me in Nike sneakers, Mexx jeans and a Nicole Fahri jacket. They shouldn't judge books etc.

Finally, after a few hours I had all the bits I needed. Back at home, I couldn't wait.

I painted my nails and tried on a few bits. Because I am strictly rock 'n roll I had a few beers while doing this - all the better being only about 11.30am.

A party sleep and my housemate and I get ready. I strap her into her corset and she does my complicated make-up.

Tattoo sleaves, wig, hat and contact lenses all done. Tie on, shoes done, leather trousers, tick.

No longer am I the dull, rather vague and uninteresting book-end but instead I have become the original Antichrist Superstar.

As Dita and Marilyn, my housemate and I are a complete hit. We win best costume.

When the photographer sends us the bloody photos, I'll show you. But people ask to have their photos taken with us. I love it.

Forget everything I've said in the past, fancy dress is fun, fun, fun!

I think in time I may come to regret saying this but I'll say it again only so that you can remind me of my folly...

Fancy dress rocks!

All invitations to similar-such parties will be very gratefully received. Invite me bitches, otherwise I'll bite you.


dickophile said...

you scare me coxy.

Timmy said...

Can't wait to see the party pics. And congrats on winning! I expected nothing less of you.

Bobby Cox said...

Dicks: Yey! (isn't that the point?!)

Timmy: Winning is the only option really. ;-)

fleetmonkey said...

Is it wrong to fancy you in that get up :0S ?

You didn't mention whether you tubed it or went by Taxi? Any funny looks - or is this considered normal in London?

You definetly beat my Milkybar Kid costume from a few months back.

Bobby Cox said...

Fleets: It is entirely understandable that you would fancy me, dressed in make-up with a wig on.

Yes. The creamiest milk and the whitest spunk... or how does that advert go again!?

dickophile said...

i guess? but its not halloween. its christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Pix #2...AKA...Manson1 That is just...

Ok..All of them are out there...but M1....Yeah

fleetmonkey said...

Reconsidered the fancying you in that part - but haver noticed an incredible resemblance to Boy George in the first picture - you don't allegedly still have any rent boys chained up do you?