Thursday, 11 December 2008

First movement

We don't like secrets around here so let's be honest.

After the longest day, travelling but mostly out in the cold and on my feet, I have to confess that this is the most relaxing place in the whole house to sit down.

I put down the lid to save anyone's blushes.

And don't just believe my word for its comfort, just ask Elvis Presley.

Or King George II.

"On the morning of 25 October 1760, the King entered his water closet at Kensington Palace and, after a few minutes, his valet heard a loud crash.
He entered the water closet to find the King on the floor. The King was lifted into his bed, and asked for Princess Amelia, but before she reached him, he was dead."

See, you learn something new every day.

If your name's George and you're the King of England and you've plonked your royal derrier down on the loo to do some paperwork, beware!

A flush beats a full house.



czechOUT said...

Elvis left the building some years ago today, aged 42.

42. Oh my God, it creeps up.

Did you munch on a cheeseburger as you blogged that one B?


dickophile said...

what type of movement are we talking about? cause when i see a toilet and the word movement together the first thought that springs to mind is not pleasant.

Gabriel said...

like your throne

Jake said...

No, a full house beats a flush actually :-)

I used to read on the loo but now it's just get in, get out. My bathroom isn't quite as nice as yours though - I like your sink.

fleetmonkey said...

Can we have a courtesy flush please?

Bobby Cox said...

Czech: Wasn't it a cheese and peanut buttter sandwich?

Dicks: Movement in the music - the first verse is Adagio then its Rallentendo.

Gabriel: It's good for sitting on. Obviously.

Jake: It is quite a posh sink - and the bath makes a good desk. All that's missing is a half-drank tin of Coors beer!

Fleets: For you, my dear, a Royal flush beckons...

Anonymous said...

I like to talk on the portable phone when I'm using the toilet. The person on the other end doesn't know, so who is it hurting really?