Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year's Day, London

Big Ben strikes midnight to welcome in 2009 in Westminster, LondonIt's 2009.

If anyone has any resolutions they'd like to give me, I'd be extremely appreciative otherwise I am going to be pondering the following important hypotheses in '09:

All art is useless
All nature is beauty, only humans create ugliness
The cat sat on the mat

Happy New Year.


fleetmonkey said...

Happy New Year Bobby

New Years Resolutions for you - more blogging, more gold budgie smugglers and less cynicism.

In response to your thoughts for consideration.

Art is purely the human response to their environment.

Both beauty and ugliness are both interpreted by the human experience.

The cat will only sit on the mat if you don't have a cat flap and it needs to go out - otherwise it will find the comfiest spot in the house.

Bobby Cox said...

Fleets - Happy New Year to you too... your hypotheses are excellent.
I think in 2009 we're going to have more budgie smugglers of the gold variety because I am going to South Africa again.
This is tradition at this time of year.
And I really don't know if I can manage to be less cynical. That may just be one resolution too far!
Thinking about the cat flap - our dog always used to eat the cat flap!?

Timmy said...

Bobby, Happy New Year greetings from across the pond! I like the idea about the gold budgie smugglers.

Anonymous said...

Haikus are easy
But they don't always make sense

Foxy Coxy said...

Timster: Okay okay - we'll get out the gold smugglers in what is now a New Year tradition.
But not for the moment...
I am travelling to South Africa in Feb so just before then... they'll need test driving before hitting the beach.

Anon: OMG Haikus are fun! Apparently Porno Haiku is all the rage. Here are some examples I found earlier:

Smoking after sex
You may find it so pleasing
Please snuff my ass flames

or what about:

Strip club massacre
Religious zealot gone mad
There's whore in my beer

or my favourite:

Catechism says
masturbation is a sin
Confession again

dickophile said...

happy new year bobby!! why did the cat sit on the mat?

Foxy Coxy said...

Dick: The cat sat on the mat because there was no cat flap for it to escape. So it made the mat its home.
Of course the question for you is why did the rain fall on the plain in Spain?

dickophile said...

because if it had fallen on the river it wouldn't have rhymed.

Gabriel said...

happy new year babe. now go buy yourself some pussy.