Friday, 31 July 2009


Look at these rows of women; sewing, hammering, knitting and generally just getting their shit on.

I told them to work harder and beaver faster to deliver you the latest from er - ...

The bitches.

Tomorrow morning is the deadline I've been given.

I'm sorry if you've made the bloody effort to say hello. But also, my nails have been drying and I, we - er...

Somewhere amongst that crowd of useless cows at sewing machines is the latest (not) blog.

Do you mind if it spends a few hours stewing in the fridge?

(I'm also sorry to make unfortunate jokes at the expense of exploitation during the industrial revolution.)

Me love you one time.

The latest news is coming, promise..


MadeInScotland said...

Don't dream it, be it von Heusen.


Toby said...

You know what, at least they had jobs!