Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday, 11 October 09

God, this story about this poor lad from the boyband who died while in Spain is just tragic really. Because literally, there by the grace of God go all of us.

Well, some of us at least.

I mean, as more details come to light so it just becomes more and more familiar. Not to me of course, I'm the fucking Virgin Mary but familiar from what I hear that friends get up to.

It's reported he went on a bit of a boozer with his fella, and you know what it's like, having a few jars in sunny EspaƱa... things get a little fruity.

So it's no surprise that it now appears that there's interest in a 25 year old Eastern European bloke who "accompanied" the couple back to their apartment.

(18.51: Although this has now been clarified as "he was a friend who stayed overnight" and the police don't want to chat to him...)

Then you read that our poor lad was found, face down in some sort of "praying position", "like he was squatting" according to the papers.

And there by the grace of God go so many of us.

The Bun says he passed out and choked on his own puke and has the name of the Bulgarian who apparently went back to the flat to "party".
Some Majorcan rag says our lad was left on the couch as his fella and the Buglarian "retired to the bedroom."
The Times describes the squatting bit and says he was naked.
The Telegraph says our lad was in his PJs, not his birthday suit.
Everyone seems confused.

My opinion for what it's worth? The circumstances may be somewhat embarrassing which is why the situation seems to be as made as confusing as possible.

Remember how Elvis died? "The King passed away at his Graceland home in 1977 after being found unresponsive on the bathroom floor."

Read: He was on the loo, passed out and died in a pool of his own vomit.

Life sucks. And then you die.

Oh yeah, and my favourite line from the man on the Beeb: "Now of course one doesn't like to speculate in such tragic circumstances but do we have any idea..."

Do you want a story that's equally as grim but thankfully not as tragic?

Apologies if I've told you this before but... there was guy who I went to school with who was particularly photogenic.

He was at a party one night and passed out on the couch with a Scotch tumbler balancing on his chest.

He apparently moved and the glass slipped and fell onto the floor and smashed.

Trying to move, he too rolled off the couch and fell onto the floor with his face and eye landing into the jagged edge of the broken tumbler's base.

He now only has the sight in one eye.

That's what I mean by there by the grace of God go we, thank your lucky stars etc.