Thursday, 12 November 2009

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Ohmygod. Where did the last six days go? What the hell...?! Did anybody see that?

No, I haven't been killed in World War 3. Although I have to admit that the fighting as all but ceased, simply because Liam and I haven't seen Beckham* around.

* = not really David Beckham but a dickhead in the gym who calls himself Beckham which is strangely ironic because although people find the Beckham attractive (pass the sick bag), this guy who calls himself Beckham is a pig. (Is that a little strong? No...)

I mean, how the hell are you supposed to fight a war if the enemy won't pitch. What the fuck!?

Maybe we need to remind him that there's a fucking conflict that he's in the midst of. Maybe we could send someone down to The Club Where Beckham Works and bash him about the knees with a baseball bat.


I have had the drawing board out (thanks for asking) and have been planning something.

Do you remember earlier in the year I tried to do something which was, in theory, pretty simple? In fact it was so simple that half way through the year I had to give it up...

The idea is that every day for a year you take a photo of yourself. That's it.

But not like a silly passport photo - you know, put some fucking effort into the bloody thing.

Well this year I decided to do it on January 1st which felt a bit like being kicked forward and not being able to stop to catch your footing.

Sometime around May I stumbled.

The abandoned 365 Project is <--- there if you want to have a look...

I'm just going back over it now and if I may say so... do you know, some of those pictures are actually fucking good. e.g. March 29th, March 18th etc.

I am planning to try and do it again on January 1, 2010. Is there anyone else onboard?

So I'm trying out looks to make sure that I don't run out of ideas and give it up. Hence I dived into the make-up box earlier...

It is supposed to be a fucking freakshow - start big and then refine.

Can I say...

1/ I had no fucking talcum power to set the white liquid base hence it's gone a little pink.
2/ I had no black liquid liner so the bottom eyelids are a little shite.
3/ Do you know how bloody difficult it is to work with black and whites and then stop them from smudging?!

And of course props to the Lady GaGa lips.

Yes, the idea is that it makes you feel a little unsettled. Maybe funny dreams perhaps.

While you lie awake in a cold sweat, I'll be at the drawing board.


fleetmonkey said...

Boy George meets Bladerunner?

Talking of which how about doing some "seasons" for ideas - pop stars one week, 1920's hollywood, sci fi, the choices are endless(ish).

One of my mates has been doing the 365 things - hes upto day 60 or so, and doing quite well. He has been playing a fair bit with photoshop which might be a good idea if you run out of ideas in your dressing up box.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across your blog last week as it was recommended by my Google reader so god knows what else I'm reading..

just wanted to write and share the love. Your blog is fab! I have been going through the old posts at work when no one is looking. Real funny stuff..


Bobby Cox said...

Fleets: I am going to try and not get the Photoshop out but it may happen at some point!

Anon: Aw shucks... thanks though and as long as you're smiling and not throwing up then all is well!