Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I seriously do not know where the bloody time goes. It's like there's a time black hole.


You're never going to guess this but. It's like everything is coming full circle.

Ohmygod. I have started to make resolutions for 2010. Is that a bit silly? I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be an amazing year. I find that odd years are always a little shit and even years are always good.

Odd years are ones I sit around on my arse a little, even years are ones where I get ahead. It's weird like that. Ohmygod. Where has the time gone?

Like who can remember anything about 2007?! And what was 2008 all about?! It's like they have all just merged into one. And also, doesn't it feel like 2008 was like a redux version of 2007.

And 2009 has been like the director's cut of both years combined. Anyway.

So I have started to make resolutions for 2010. Like WTF.

I sound like some airhead Beverly Hills bitch.

Ohmygod. So we were mentioning about everything coming full circle which is funny really because it wasn't something that happened on the Circle Line, it was on the Jubilee Line.

Who can remember the hottest guy in the world?

Come on, don't be coy. This is him here. And so is this.

You're never going to guess who I spotted on the Jubilee Line?! Never.

Okay go on - have a guess! Look...

I nearly choked on the water I was sipping when I saw him.

How funny. And did I walk up to him and say "hello, we think your hotness is off the scale?" No.

I'm digging around on the iPhone to see if there are any other photos I haven't shared with you.

Oh here's one...

Except he's much hotter without his shirt on.

Would you?

Ohmygod and this photo. I took this last week and forgot to share it with you.

How goddam 2007 is this?

I reckon they'll be tucking into The Da Vinci Code next. Are there seriously still people reading that book!?

I reckon we need to start "Grindr Hottie Of The Day"...

(Honestly - has anyone actually met anyone off Grindr? It strikes me as a great tool for teasing but actually meeting someone!? Nope...)


Who rates this guy? It's todays "Grindr Hottie Of The Day".

I think that's enough for the evening. Don't you? And besides. My herbal tea's gone cold.


Jake said...

I am not bothered about your 'hottest man ever' on the tube, he has a great body but just doesn't do it for me. It's ok Bobby, you can have him I won't fight you!

David Haye: yes I would.

Grindr guy verdict: hot. Text him!

fleetmonkey said...

Sapphire probably decided it was safe to come into the real world while the tramp is tucked away in the jungle. Talking of which have you seen the pics of Gino De Campos ass??? I don't watch the show but appreciate tip top male nudity it provides - although Biggins in the all together is a scary proposition.

Has WWWIII recommenced yet?

Jay said...

I love the fact your soo posh! Anyhow why have you stop blogging everyday?


N1David said...

I am afraid to say yes, I have hooked up a couple of times with guys off Grindr. One of them was seriously hot and much cuter than his photo and we had a really good time; the other was quite hot but we didn't have anywhere to go so to my great shame we ended up in the disabled toilet at Vinopolis....

Bobby Cox said...

1/ Thanks
2/ Me too
3/ It was an old message and the thing with Grindr is that if you're not the area then they disappear so God knows where he is.

Fleets: There is some development in WW3 but er- life is getting in the way of writing this fucking thing. That's the problem. I am up at 7am and go to bed at midnight. And still, I have not enough hours in the day.
But I am going to write something tomorrow because it's the right thing to do!

Jay: The answer's sort of above. I know it's lame but it's true!

N1David: Hahahahaha.... which Vinopolis? I hope they've mopped the floor!