Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I think we should have Cultural Tuesday. This is an occasion where we are able to share and promote different videos and music and shit.

We're so fucking highbrow we make the fucking LRB look tabloid.

Firstly what do you get when you mix an over-pumped porn star with a budget set?

Er - if there's anyone who can explain what the fucking is happening here, I'd be interested to here.

Click on the picture to go to the video
And watch carefully because afterwards there could a test...

Question One
A post-modern tale of pop art genius. Discuss.

Question Two
How many pull-ups do we see Mr Loverman doing and can you beat his record?

Question Three
At around 2'16 we see Mr Lover in the company boardroom. Is this actually just the dining room from the previous scene with the pie dish replaced with a pie chart?

Question Five
Why is there a semi-naked picture of Mr Lover on the pie chart in the scene mentioned above?

Question Eight
Fuck the test.

Question Nine
Talk amongst yourselves for a bit.


Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.

I have a found a band that are going to be as big as The Rolling Stones.

Except not really that big.
There's another problem too and that's that they're South African and they sing in Afrikaans.

But I feel I would like to share this band with you. I mean, we all listen to Edith Piaf and she sings in French.

The band is called Die Antwoord which is Afrikaans for The Answer.

In this picture we see the three members of the band and those three members are, from left; Yo-landi Visser (pronounced Fisser), Jack Parow (Parow is a bit of cruddy suburb in Cape Town) and DJ Hi-Tek.

The song I would like to use by way of an introduction to Die Antwoord is Doosdronk.

Now, from here on in there is going to be some extremely descriptive language so you might want to put the kids to bed....

Doos is a slang word for vagina, in the strongest possible sense and dronk means drunk. So doosdrunk basically means cunted. Ahem.

You can listen to their tune here and to help you along I have prepared a rip-and-read translated version of the lyrics.

Okay, it's not quite "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever" but it's a close 9th.

::Song start::

Jack Parow? Daar's die man nou!
Jack Parow? There he is now...

Party, party, party, party...!

Hoes ya. Here maar ek's in my poes in.
Woo man. God, I'm cunted

Dude maar hy's fokken wasted.
Hello hoe lyk dit, ek en jy naked?
Dude, he's fucking wasted
Hello how do we look, you and me naked?

Fok jou, kom ons gaan lekker 'n dop hou
Kom by [can't work out] die Witblitz
Sit terug, vat 'n fokken sluip van die Klipdrift.
Fuck that, come and lets have a drink. [Something about witblitz - a very potent home-made alcohol] and then have a swig of Klipdrift [a brand of shitty brandy, favoured by vagrants and poor alcoholics]
Ah shut up you fokken bastard
Don't fuck around with the drunk [...?]

Kyk hier jou ma se porno
Don't want gehelp van my kopseer
Look at your mother's porno
And I don't want help with my headache

Kyk jy na my, ek is in ripper!
Ons party nou hos, nou lekker!
Something about 'let's party'...

Laa-dee, daa-dee
Party, party, party, party!

Stop [val?] op my hond
Poes jou in the mond
En val op die grond
Stop falling on my dog*
(Untranslatable filth)
And fall on the ground

* = the references to the dog relate to it being a sort of an anthem of homeless alcoholics who enjoy getting drunk, spouting vile language and domestic violence.

God, waar is my hond?
Le in my kotz en
Vrot in die tronk

God, where is my dog?
Lie in my puke
And rot in jail

Party, party, party, party, party, party, party...
Party, party, party, party, party, party, party...

Waar's die papsak?
Jissie ons is heeltemal fucked up
Where's the papsak*?
Bloody hell but we're totally fucked up

* = papsak is a South African word for the silver foil bladder in boxed wine. As far as I'm aware they're actually banned in the country now because having wine available in such vast quantities apparently contributes and encourages crime and social degradation.

Score die vokken [?] vrou en dope
Kom ons gooi 'n bietjie [driete?]
I don't understand this bit but it related to having women and spliffs

Kyk na my piel doen so 'n beweging
Look at this...
Look at my cock and watch it swinging
Look at this...

Ek soek 'n piss.
Gaan piss in die hoek
Oh fok, ek dink ek gepiss in my broek
I need a piss
Go and piss in the corner
Oh fuck, I think I've just pissed myself

Gee vir my fok 'n [?] shooter
Los it!
Don't be a party pooper
Blas die hooter...
Give me a fucking shooter
Leave it!
Don't be a party pooper
Sound the horn...

Ons se nou baie drankie vir die drankie!
Wat sal ons doen sonder 'n drankie
Bokkies, boerekos en rugby?
We say thank you for the booze
What would we do without alcohol
Women, barbeques and rugby?

Don't worry be happy happy.
happy, happy, happy, happy...

Repeat the chorus.

Party, party, party, party, party, party, party...
Party, party, party, party, party, party, party...

Little comedy section of domestic violence...

Waar's die sleutels? Fok it...
Ek weet nie, look in your pocket
Where are the keys? Fuck itt
I don't know, look in your pocket

Fok jou!
God vrou ek poes now weg van jou...
Fuck you!
God, I will smack you in the cunt...

Fok jou! Hond... Vuil fokken hond!
Wie's jy? Niks! Jy's niks...

Fuck you... You dirty fucking dog!
What are you? Nothing! You're nothing...


Has anyone got this far?! Did you enjoy the song? Are you hooked? On the music, not the booze...

I think that brings us to the end of our cultural evening. Did you have fun?

If you have anything you'd like to bring to the table so that we can have a look at it next Tuesday, bring. it. on.


Tomorrow it's Normal Wednesday where a normal services resumes.

And what the fuck is that about Lola?

This song absolutely rocks.


fleetmonkey said...

Zeb Atlas is grrr - not normally into really big mucle guys like that but Zeb certainly has something

Bobby Cox said...

He's like a big thick slab of meat. But maybe thick is the operative word.
Thick as in duh - not oooh!

Jake said...

Zeb Atlas is gross! Way too over-done and he's not even good-looking!

He looks like a shaved gorilla.

bathmate said...

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Andrew said...

Good day

I'm from South Africa ... where Die Antwoord started ...

Now, those names you gve there, of the people in the pic, there is a slight error in there which may not really bother you, but in SA it makes a huge difference:

The guy in the middle of the pic is NOT Jack Parow, but he goes by the name of NINJA ...

Jack Parow is a solo rapper of similair genre, with the same unrated and foul use of language, yet they are very very different.

This NINJA guy also featured in another band/project called Maxnormal.tv ... yes that's the band's name. Google it for more info...



koen said...

"papzak" is dutch/south-african for the word "fatass/fat person/blubby flubbery person

grtz from belgium

Anonymous said...

papzak is translated 'soft sack' which can be used to describe anything yes even a fat person but, in the most common south african sense of the word, it is most certainly first and foremost a colloquial term for a 'wine containing foil bag' as found inside of a 2 or 5 litre box of wine.

Paul said...

Nope, in this context 'papsak' is as described, the bladder in box-wine. :) Actually, I don't think we use 'papsak' like the Dutch do then... at least, I've never heard it used to mean a fat person. In Afrikaans we'd say "vetsak".

say-tun said...

another (flemish) translation of papzak is : a very lazy person with no backbone, as a pudding

Darren said...

The other translation of papsak is also broke. No money - flat pockets.

say-tun said...

no no, the translation for broke is platzak