Sunday, 16 November 2008

Crap colleagues

Around two-hundred odd people come to this blog on a daily basis to perhaps read something or be amused by something and for the last few weeks I have been shit. I'm really sorry.

Life at the moment is just shit. I really am trying so hard not to become resentful or bitter about it. The source of the problem is work.

As I type those words I can already hear myself groaning.

Because of the cutbacks they have made in our office I am doing the job of three people. I am working 60-hour weeks.

It is a back-handed compliment though. It is well-known where I work that management use the better employees and work them into the ground.

They get over-loaded with responsibilities and pushed until breaking point.

I am a long way from that point yet but I can feel it's around the corner.

And then the following happens...

Your boss says "Bobby, you need to delegate more..." So Bobby delegates - to people who are, quite frankly, fucking shit.

And you spend hours briefing them, showing them and they still do a fucking shit job. They know that in the end it's your name that is attached to the project so they don't give a toss.

They don't give a toss because they're 35 and they're lazy. They expected everything to land in their lap and when it didn't they got bitter. And now they just sit, trying to do as little as possible.

In any other organisation or company they would have been out the door a very long time ago and deserve to be. Where I work, they sit like limpets stuck to a rock.

So you delegate - to useless lazy people - but in the end you have to do it all yourself because if you want it done properly, you might as well do it yourself.

Yes, I could ask other colleagues for help but they're also being worked into the ground. So you get a short answer when you need advice and support.

Just as you give them when they ask for advice or support. Don't have time. Too busy.

I don't want to get angry and ranty - it's a wasted emotion but sometimes I really do wonder if there is any justice in the world?

Maybe the way to a happier life is to be the fucking lazy wallpaper limpet selfish cunt who works to rule and insists and taking an hour lunch break?

I don't know why I let these kind of people get to me?


dickophile said...

stay strong bobby cox!!!

Bobby Cox said...

Dicks: I am trying hard!!!! It's difficult though...

Anonymous said...

I know you like music so….Shazam! If you haven’t found this little gem (app) for your shiny new I-Phone, check it out.

It won’t do anything to solve the frustration you have to put up with at work right now but it will make you shake your head and marvel at today’s technology.

Hope it brings you a small amount of escapism. At the very least it will make you forget about work problems and have you dwelling on your shrinking bank account with all the new songs you are downloading. (wink, wink)


Bobby Cox said...

liz: i SO have Shazam and abuse it. Did you know that there's something more impressive than Shazam, I can't remember what it's called but it recognises tunes by what you hum to it!
These fires aren't affecting you are they? Everyone is CA is getting toasted - hope everything where you are is okay. I haven't heard from my sister in Napa to say that there's anything untoward.
Bob x

Anonymous said...

The fires are all down south near LA. So your sister's ok.

The crew that worked the day before my shift were sent down to help. They said it's like war zone down there.

Anonymous said...

I live a couple of miles from the Sylmar fire, and we're doing ok. It'll all work out, as will the long hours and the redundancies. Sometimes chicken, sometimes chickenshit. Hang in there.

Bobby Cox said...

Liz - I can imagine it's pretty shit - especially houses burning down. It's like people's whole lives. It's astonishing to see those massive homes look like they got bombed out... hideous.

Adam - hope everything stays okay. From what I remember about being near bush fires in South Africa - the worst that can happen is the whole house gets covered in black flakey stuff. But if you need us to come and hold the hosepipes or shovel water out of the swimming pool then shout!

czechOUT said...


It's the credit crunch depressing us all