Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bomb onboard

My parents have a soda siphon but they cannot find any CO2 refill cartridges in Cape Town so my mother phones and asks if I could perhaps pop into John Lewis on Oxford Street to see if they have any.

She insists on calling them soda bombs.

I tell her I am not taking compressed gas canisters onto an airplane.

She says I am being ridiculous and if I pack the "bombs" in my luggage it should be fine.

Sometimes she really doesn't get it.

Anyway. Let's talk about the weather instead.

Tonight in London it sleeted and sort of snowed some pissy white stuff but the rain then came and washed it all away.

I walked (a bloody long way actually) to the Sainsbury's to go and buy some toothpaste and in the evening night, with the rain-soaked pavements, I felt like Travis Bickle wandering the streets of New York City.

Except it was bloody Kilburn High Road.

If you like these two pictures you can see more of the same on this site.


dickophile said...

if you could get away with bringing that on a plane i think id be worried.

fleetmonkey said...

Buy them a Soda Stream - then they will really have problems getting hold of the cannisters.

I wouldn't mis label your package (oh er matron); as that will get you a visit form HMRC.

I did see if I could find anyone in SA who ships via ebay to the UK - couldn't see anything - but this listing amused me - Whip Queen brand :O)

Oh and your already 5th if you search soda siphon Cape Town.

Anonymous said...

What kind of camera do use use that gives you such crisp night shots?

Please don't tell me it is you I-Phone.

Bobby Cox said...

Dicks - what is also ridiculous is that my mother keeps referring to the bloody things as Soda Stream bombs and insists that "no-one's going to mind if you take the bombs onboard".
She doesn't see any irony in what she says.
The woman's mad.

Fleets: Brilliant link. And well done for the Google tip. I think we should all Google it so that we can push it no #1.
The most ridiculous searched-for thing on the web.

An Omnibus: It's a proper camera - not the iPhone!
Well - as proper as camera as any. But I put it on night-time shot - so opened the shutter up. But you have to put it on something stationary otherwise it goes v. blurred.
I think it's a Sony something.
If you really want the model lemme know and I'll tells ya!

dickophile said...

haha. that is funny. hope big brother isnt listening to your phone calls.

Anonymous said...

These people ship the little blighters worldwide:

(When I was a lad we used to put these in bonfires - very satisfying bang.)

Or, when you're in SA, you could conduct research in lots of bars until you find a soda syphon and ask where they get theirs from.

Anonymous said...

No, you absolutely cannot take it onto a plane. Please do not even try, even though you are flying Virgin!! Planes do not work as well with a hole blown in the side.....