Friday, 13 February 2009


I have an update for you.

It concerns him, Mr Dipstick.

If you can't be bothered to click away and read the link, I'll precis in bad haiku:

Bobby asks boy on date
"Yes, when my trolley-dolly 'boyf' is away"
Bobby wanders off.

Remember we spoke about it? What kind of knob-end goes "yes, let's go for a drink but only when my significant other is out of town." What a shit.

This week I'm at the gym again and you'll never guess...

Yes, Trolley-Dolly has dumped Liam (for that is going to be his name from now on).

I knows this because Liam's talking about some random guy. I says to Liam 'but aren't you spoken for?'

"Well..." In short, they broke up.

After our session Liam and I are filling our protein shakes at the water cooler and Liam goes "maybe we should go out some time for a proper drink."

(Please note this is nearly identical to the way I asked him.) I says that would be nice. That was a week ago.

Since then Liam has mentioned it every day, at least four times. Every time I have given him a whimsical non-committed answer.

As far as I care, I asked him out like anyone else would ask a mate. He assumed I wanted some dirty little tryst while the" trolley-dolly boyf" was away.

I will go out for a drink with him but not until he's nearly begging because he blew up my first offer so spectacularly.

Of course Liam has a very good physique. This is why I've not immediately gone "piss off dude, you shat on my first proposal."

He's still a dipstick though. For now.


dickophile said...

have fun with his dipstick and then toss him aside. in the immortal words of blair waldorf men are like tissues. use once then throw away.

Bobby Cox said...

Is this Gossip Girl? I think I have heard about this.
I actually Googled "Blair Waldorf" and it told me.
Do you watch this programme? Is it any good?
I prefer my men like tissues actually.
Soft, strong and disposable.

dickophile said...

of course i watch gossip girl! its only the greatest tv show ever! in the history of infinity! its filled with sex, drugs, love, betrayal, more love, and more sex. plus chace crawford is like a wet dream come true!!

David said...

haha that sounds good!
Keep us posted on what happens bobby.