Wednesday, 18 February 2009


On a completely unrelated matter...

Have you ever heard of this TV show called The Weakest Link?

It's like a game show where the contestants get insulted and then the one who can take the most insults wins. I think there are questions in it too.

I don't follow these things much but I think that's what the show is about.

Anyway, so I have the TV on the other day and this Weakest Link show pops up. The host is this guy called Sam (?) Robinson and it's his job to insult everybody. This is Sam...

So I'm watching this show and concentrating very hard and I'm like "cowabunga!" Check out Ian, one of the contestants...

All of the other people on this programme are like wilting roses in the Kalahari sun but Ian is like a spring daisy before the dog cocks it leg on it.


So people get asked some questions and then Sam insults the contestants and suddenly, for some bizarre reason, the other contestants have decided to vote Ian off.

This part is not clear but the next minute Ian is walking off the show. What the hell!?

What's the point of this programme - where the old codgers boot the fitties out first?

I mean, Ian got the most insults and all the questions that he answered were wrong but what's the point of a bloody game show if you dump the hot ones first?

I don't get it.

That's the last time I'm watching the Weakest Link then. Any other good TV suggestions?


Brad said...

It's ANN Robinson. She's a TV legend. I though you would've know that seeing as though you're also a TV legend.

dickophile said...

the city!!! adam is a walking talking orgasm.

Bobby Cox said...

Bad bad Brad! You've shattered the illusion now...
Ann!? And woman?!
(I knew this all along actually... I was being silly) x

Dicks: I will find out more about this Adam person to which you refer.
What's his surname?

Alfred said...

i really don't like this game show,because just ask question and out poeple. Boddy do you want go to this show?xxx

dickophile said...

adam senn. as in hot as.

Fresco said...

I used to like TWL the first 2 years or so but now it’s getting a bit boring after all those years.
Ann Robinson’s insults are legendary though, f.ex.

“Which village is missing its idiot?”

Join us again. Goodbye.