Saturday, 14 February 2009

I wuv you

Here, buy one of these for that someone you love.

They're on sale outside Finchley Road tube station. Go now before some feral youth with a pellet gun shoots them all.

I, for one, am going to do something special for the person that I love.

Yes, I'm going to allow myself and extra 2-hour lie-in tomorrow morning and I may even award myself a celebratory Valentine's Day wank.

Or I may just pick my nose and scratch my bum instead.

Valentine's Day my arse.


dickophile said...

maybe if you wanked on more than just celebratory occasions youd be less grumpy.

Bobby Cox said...

Dicks: What makes you think I'm so grumpy! ;-)

dickophile said...

see. you're making smiley faces. i bet you've wanked.

czechOUT said...

Bobby-do you read much?

I was hoping to persuade you (and a few others) to read this book and blog your thoughts on it:

Made in Scotland: A Thin Fillet Of Braised Voddissin

Kind of like a blog version of Richard & Judy. It would be interesting to read various bloggers thoughts posted across their blogs.

You can get it from Amazon.