Monday, 20 October 2008

Monday night

Fucken irritated because these are just some of the things he said to me:

1/ I didn't see you at the gym last night - have you changed your times?
2/ If you're going to do arms, maybe we could work out together tonight?
3/ Maybe see you tomorrow then?
4/ Don't worry - I have an extra protein sachet, would you like it?
5/ It's always better when you work out with someone else.

So tonight, after we finish I say; "what would you think about maybe going for a drink - and not a protein one, I out somewhere"

And he says; "yeah that would be really nice. I'd like that. The only thing though is that my partner's home right now -he's a trolley dolly for BA. Next week he's off to LA though - so what about then?"

I think I said "yeah - haha... yeah... fun. Er."

What an idiot.

Yeah I'd love to go out for a drink with you but only if the 'boyf' is away. What the fuck!?

I hate to jump to conclusions but he seems just the kind of guy who's like Relationship-zilla. Always refers to himself in the plural "we this" and "we that..."

But as soon as his "hubby's" off somewhere, he's down to the Chariots on a Sunday afternoon in Vauxhall getting roasted like a battery chicken on the KFC rotisserie.

"So yes", let's meet for a drink", he says.

Whatever. I lost interest very quickly, drifted off and grabbed a towel to shower.

Yeah, let's booze-it when "the trolley-dolly boyf" is away. Piss off dipstick.


Nix said...

That scenario is so very London, and I'm so very over it.

Bobby Cox said...

Global: I know - and I think that's why it's irritated me even more. I'm just like 'did you really think that I am going to leap at the chance like someone else might have done?'
Urgh. anyway.

dickophile said...

so did you know this guy had a boyfriend or was this the first time he mentioned it?

Bill said...

Very interesting and sad, but do you think it's a possibility that all he meant was that when his b/f is away he'd literally have more free time because they like to spend most of their time together when he's not flying?

Martin said...

Strange. Not uncommon - but strange.

Bobby Cox said...

Dicks: It was the first time that he'd mentioned it which is all the more irritating.

Of course the flip side is that we're only working out together - and i'm reading too much into it but still... working out together, sharing protein sachets - arranging to come to the gym at the same time as me so we can exercise together etc. I didn't feel I was wrong not to think it was okay to ask him out.

if he wasn't interested he wouldn't have been so keen.

Bill: No, I'm pretty sure he meant that he would love to but only when his partner was away. He talked about his partner slightly dismissively - calling him a dolly - and said it would be nice when he was gone.

Marty McFly: And irritating too!! x

W said...

poor bobby. Why so iritated? i mean yeah, the guy's a tosser, but why ferment over it so long?

Superdrewby said...

My partner goes away alot and as nsty as it sounds sometimes I catch up with friends that he doesn't like when he is away.

Mind you it does sound like your guy is after more than a drink though...

And don;t get nasty on poeple who use the 'we' WE are a couple but HE and I are still individuals LOL

Bobby Cox said...

W: It happened yesterday evening and I wrote about it an hour later. What are you trying to say?

Drewbles: I don't think he meant meet as in let's go for a chat and talk about the weather. And I don't mind couples talking about "we", just not in the same breath as "yeah, let's meet but only when my partner's away - if ya know what I mean!? nudge nudge wink wink"

Superdrewby said...

Maybe I am just too boring ly conservative in some aspects of my life like expectingthat a partner doesn't go off and pick someone else up when their partner is away.

But it's the same in sydney too, the moment we put wedding rings on years ago and were married guys started hitting on us more!

wayne said...

Aww, Burn After Reading looks really good and I was looking forward to seeing it ...