Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Jiggle jiggle dingle

I don't usually mind but for god's sake... all the way from Holland Park to Marble Arch. I got a mini-vomit.

What made it even worse was that he was rather large, had untamed hair and spotty while I don't think she spoke much English.

Ugly people snogging on the Central LineAnd there were endless slurping noises. Boy, did they go for it.

- - -

I mean, what could happen now is that I drone on about the day I had. I could tell you that a colleague found a dead mouse under the TV on her desk.

I could mention that the song that pushed me so fucking far in the gym this evening was Missy Elliot's I'm Really Hot. She was original Timbaland before Bjork and Madonna *spit* leapt aboard.

I guess I could mention that I've tentatively signed up to do a course at the London Film School and watched The Dark Knight last night.

Maybe you'd care to know that I didn't think the film was that good, watching Heath Ledger was spooky and there were parts of the film that were rather badly edited.

Are you interested to know that I am thinking of taking a holiday in Cape Town from February 19th to March 16th 2009?

Not that I would ever admit to timing the holiday to coincide with Cape Town pride. Never.

I mean I could mention all those things, including the guy in the pool who insisted on swimming on the wrong side of the lane, that one of my back teeth has suddenly become sensitive which is rather annoying and that I am currently ripping old Phil Collins' albums onto iTunes.

Would you care? Thought not... just thought I'd mention it to make sure.

Oh and don't forget; "when you hear the sound 'who-di-whoooooo....' Run for cover motherfucker..."


firechick said...

I could mention that I love your posts that remind us that your mind sometimes portrays the life of a free flying electron.

PS. The trip back to the ‘Motherland’….Avoid seat 29E.

fleetmonkey said...

I really enjoyed Dark Knight - if you ever think you are wasting your time watching a film - just remember it could be worse - you could be at home watching Hudson Hawk repeated on Channel 5.

Heath Ledgers performance was amazing - he brought his own thing to the part as well having inserting certain reminiscent characteristics of both Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson. The only thing I didn't see any of was Mark Hamill's performance.

czechOUT said...

jesus, how do you do it?

I thought of you today when there was a hot guy on the tube whose pic I so wanted to take.

But I was with my trainee, and I didn't want punched

do tell


Martin said...

there's a Cape Town Pride?

Jake said...

That Missy quote was from "Pass the Dutch" not "I'm Really Hot"...tsk!

Dark Knight was awesome! Not sure where the sloppy editing was even though I've seen in twice.