Saturday, 6 September 2008


Yes, I've just got home from work. Yes. it's 2am in the morning.

I am not stressed and I am not panicked. Tomorrow I am getting on a train and travelling to the South West of England for a break.

While away I will only do three things; read, sleep, watch the occasional DVD, listen to music and hydrate with water.

To maintain these tasks I have packed the two most important things one could take when going away.

First is a clean change of underwear.

Second is a good pair of headphones for iPod and DVD usage.

Third is heaven in a blisterpack.

I am beat.


dickophile said...

what about fucking? you should enjoy some fucking while you're gone. cause unless you've been keeping something from us its been a while.

Bobby Cox said...

Tricky Dicky: I am going to stay with family so unless one of them miraculously turns into James The God, there is going to little of any of that happening.

dickophile said...

hahahahaha. oh well. but its been so long i wouldnt be surprised if your penis stops working. unless of course you at least find time to jerk off.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, you're taking drugs, music and a clean pair of underwear. No mention of 'real' clothes.

Sounds fun, can I come? But let's move it to the south of France (better weather).

Ja said...

that blisterpak looks delicious.

czechOUT said...

but Bobby v.3, I count 5 things:

watch the occasional DVD,
listen to music and
hydrate with water

You obviously need the break. Happy surfing. Come back and see us when you are...better!


Monty said...

We would have preferred a photo of you wearing your Aussiebums round your hips...


Bobby Cox said...

Oliver: Beaulieu sur Mer please, I think. Or Antibes. Where you can sit and get pissed on that green alcoholic drink that makes you mad. Absinthe. Oh yeah...

Ja: So come and share it with me please. Like now.

Czech: haha... that was my comedy device you spotted there! ;-)

Monty: When they're on my head, they're not on my hips... x x