Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Moth flame etc.

I am shocked actually. I don't know how it happened but I have just noticed that I have 103 Barbra Streisand songs on my iTunes. I have no excuses really.

Anyway, speaking of cheesy camp music on iTunes, The Point Of No Return, from Phantom of the Opera has been swirling around my head for the for the last few days.

Me modest? Generally yes however the one thing I know I can do well is operate a TV camera. No I don't do weddings.

A colleague who once freelanced for a disreputable but free gay listings magazine in London (yes, that one) told me that someone who he knows - the proverbial friend of a friend - knew someone who worked for a porn company and they were looking for pretty decent cameramen.

This is getting a little convoluted but the upshot of it all was that I got an e-mail on Friday that basically goes;

"Hi Bobby,
Got your details through ____ ________ who suggested you maybe interested in some freelance work. I work for a video company that you may have heard of based in London.. would you be interested?" Bla bla.

I would get £400 for a days' work, paid out of the till. Great.
They are interested in me because I have my own camera and I'm apparently good. How very flattering.
It's doing two scenes for a gay porn film to be shot at night in a south London gym locker-room. Er...

I have had all weekend to think about it and just before starting to type this I just shot them off an e-mail.

"Sorry, but I don't think I'm going to be available."

I just couldn't stop imagining the Sunday tabloid newspaper Worst Case Scenario.

_ _ _ journalist exposed as explicit hardcore gay porn producer.
A senior producer at the _ _ _ has been uncovered working part-time for an explicit gay pornography company based in London's seedy Soho district.

By day, Bobby Cox aged 30, works as staff on some of the broadcaster's flagship programmes however his double-life also includes helping to produce sordid gay sex films.

I really thought about doing it. I mean, don't say you wouldn't have been completely fascinated by the idea?

You only live once and perhaps this is serendipity and I actually have an illustrious career ahead in gay porn? Who the hell cares anyway?! Everyone is pretty relaxed and open these days, surely?

Even though I've e-mailed back to say no, definitely not, I still can't help wondering.

Maybe I'll write back and ask if I can go to watch to see if I'm comfortable with it.

Maybe it's me with the hang-ups because it's certainly not them!?


Monty said...

What the...??? You passed up an opportunity to see live porn AND to film it??? WHY???

Martin said...

I think I would struggle with the same dilemma. I have actually always wanted to appear in a porn movie - don't ask me why, I don't know - but I have the same concerns if it ever had to come out and impact on my career...

firechick said...

OK...I’m a girl and I was alive when Color Me Barbra was first on TV...and I only have 37 Streisand songs on my IPod.

May I be so bold as to say....You are so gay. :)

PS. I compare all female singers by her voice...Have not found one that meets the mark.

Bobby Cox said...

Monty: Why indeed...!? I can't think of any reason at all. I've bottled it, I know...

Martin: Because it would come out and I think people would pretend that they are fascinated but in the end they would be rather aghast - and would think, even if they didn't say - I bet they'd think "he's a slag anyway..."

FC: I know - I love Barbra Streisand's voice too. IT's because my mother drilled that bloody Guilty album into my head when I was a kid. It's the first LP I remember listening to. That, and Abba's album called Abba. I love Barbs because of her voice. Everyone does I think, because she's been around for so long. And not that this matters or anything but Color Me Barbra is from 1966...;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm an investment banker in my thrities. I did not one, but two gay porn films in my youth while at university at NYU. I've become quite senior in the bank and every day live in fear that I maybe discovered. It's unlikely, as not many gay men work for banks and also, the films that are out now are a LOT raunchier than back then in the early 90's. For piece of mind, you did the right thing!

firechick said...

Iknow, I know, should I lie and say I was only a minute old.

Jake said...

I would definitely have done it, you could have been credited with a false name, no one at the _ _ _ would ever know.

I was asked to audition for a porn studio once, I didn't go in the end because I didn't actually want to do porn, but I sort of regret not going to the audition at least ;-)

chabang said...

yeah but you can hardly call "The Chuckle Brothers" a bbc flagship program

czechOUT said...

well, Bobby seeing as I can't respond to your last post cos you have turned off the comments box, can I just say how thoroughly pissed off I am that I've spent a fortune. No, a fcuking fortune you hear, in gym subscription joining every Fitness Fister, and spending all my non-billable hours of leisure hanging around the weights room in my hot, hot shorts (ever so tight) and in the sauna all in the hope of catching that hot Hungarian Rent boy (though I didn't remember a Hungarian character in the musical - or even a Hung one).

Yes, I may never comment again. Well, least not tonight. Though I will take great pleasure knowing that I can (possibly)rattle off more lyrics from Phantom's Point of No return than you probably can...and that if I ever blogged about it I'd be specific as to whether I meant the Don Juan version or the reprise (in the Phantom's lair). Unless you are a bigger queen. And you look like you might be...

So blog that Bobby Baby (that's from Sondheim's Company in case you didn't know).



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