Monday, 29 September 2008

I'm never drinking again

Oh for fuck's sake.

I knew it was a bad idea to go out drinking last night but I never learn from my mistakes.

The moment I said to Sean "yes, I'll meet you at the North London Tavern for one drink only" is the moment I should have seen how the next 12 hours would play out.

Sean and his friend Anna were there. He's gay, she's English and uses the word cunt an awful amount.

I then proceeded on the task I cannot help myself from doing - to unravel all the hard work I'd put in at the gym over the last week.

I drank beer and more beer and more beer until it was gone midnight. Maybe? Anna left and Sean and I stayed and we had another one. Or maybe two. Or three actually.

At one point I remember that it was absolutely essential that I have McDonalds. And my drunk logic is this; a big Mac meal makes you fat so instead I had two (these numbers are pretty vague too) Fillet O'Fish's and two-ish McChicken sandwiches and probably another cheeseburger.

This morning I woke up with the worst fucking hangover (still a bit drunk) while cold, naked and tangled up in the duvet. Nice start to a fucking Monday.

I make my way into work but after a few hours of trying to do something I do the polite thing and leave.

Now at home again I knock over a jar of sand I have from the beach in Newquay which means I have to vacuum.

While doing that I trip, pull and then break the pipe of the vacuum cleaner. I've been trying to wind the goddam thing back into the holder.

Fuck sakes.

Last night I should have put a load of washing on, gone to bed and read a book.

It's always a bad idea to go out drinking on a Sunday night, no matter what. You'd think by now I would have learnt my lesson.

Meanwhile, a little later...

Check this out! Batman goes to our gym.


chabang said...


i'm not a petrolhead but even i want THAT car

Bobby Cox said...

Chabang: It IS an amazing piece of tin. And who knows - if the economy continues to go tits up who knows - maybe we could afford our own. His & His...with monogrammed seats!?

chabang said...

some of us already can ;-)

Anonymous said...

Never drinking again? Can I take you up on that bet?

PS. Nice car, I'll give you a tenner for it.

Bobby Cox said...

Chabang: yeah yeah yeah!! x

Oliver: That means I would make a £5 profit. It's only a dinky actually. In a miniature parking lot too...