Thursday, 11 September 2008

Super blue Surf

Newquay and back in a day. Respek. I've been so you don't have to.

Here's the bird that flew us there from Stansted. What's with that airline?!

£5 to check in at the airport, £12 if you have luggage and £145 if you want to sit in a chair, otherwise it's a wooden bench. Apparently.

Plus you have to run for the seats (if you have one), they don't recline and there are adverts all over the cabin.

Anyway, so you arrive at Newquay airport which they say is all sustainable and renewable. Think hut. Plus on the way out you're forced to donate £5 so that they can afford a roof / runway etc.

We made our way into the seaside of Newquay which is basically centred around (bad use of word because it's actually straight), anyway.

So the main beach is Josef Fritzl Beach. Or Fisting Beach? Or Auchtung Fritz or something. It was quite pretty and the light was beautiful.

I took this picture because it reminded me of the people who stand on the beach in the morning in City of Angels, don't you think?

Another picture of the beach from where we were having lunch.

And a picture of a flag on the beach.

This reminded me of those ridiculous flags raised in the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing which basically flew like they were caught in a force 10 gale. Remember?

And of course how could I not go all the way to Cornwall and not deface a spectacular part of the Cornish coast? And I had a Cornish pasty too...

Plus I gathered up a little cup of sand which I have in my bag somewhere. I think I'm going to start collecting sand from different beaches I've visited around the world.

(I say this now but the idea will fall apart the next time I am at the seaside and forget to take a scoop. Or what will happen is someone will find my sand collection and think they're ashtrays. And fuck me - who the hell collects sand anyway?!)


London Preppy said...

I LOVE NEWQUAY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BROKEN HEART (this is the highest level of love possible). I well and truly do.

Nix said...

The beautiful hotel behind you (in most of those shots), is the Headland Hotel... the location for the film of The Witches... if you're into that stuff.

Bobby Cox said...

Newquay Preppy: Do you know - when I was walking on Fristral Beach I could feel the millions of pieces of your broken heart, scattered amongst the sand, to be washed away by the tide.
Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Stevie Nix: I know! And that's the first thing I thought when I saw that hotel. Ohmygod, Roald Dahl! Loving Revolting Rhymes actually is my favourite. And Fantastic Mr Fox.
We should start a bookclub.

czechOUT said...

Hmm. Looks like a sauna to me.

Still I'm glad you've now found work on Echo Beach. You deserve it. I hear Craig McLoughlachloughlichlaghan is going to be working on it with Martine next season?

Do tell!