Monday, 30 March 2009

Cure your gayness

I've been giving very serious thought to boys.

In particular these thoughts have concerned whether I actually enjoying putting myself very close to another boy who, like me, doesn't have any clothes on.

These thoughts have come after a few stories started to appear in the media last week, you may have spotted them.

Apparently there's a "healing" society in America who've made it their job to cure people of being dirty, thrusting homos.

The work that this organisation does, called Men Who Once Loved Knobbing Other Blokes But Now Choose To Eat Minge (MWOLKOBBNCTEM) looks really interesting.

Their name might be a mouthful but that was once the point! Just kidding.

Seriously, I have been asking myself some deep and probing questions.

I've been looking at their site, where ex-bum bandits tell heart-rending stories of guilt, betrayal and depression. But enough of their new life as a straight.

One such person on this site is Todd who was an ex-Marine, he's now cured of being a total flamer. I wanted to share his story of hope.

"Hi, my name's Todd and I was once 110% gay but desperately unhappy about who I was.

After four years of therapy I felt I really understood my feelings and what I was attracted to. It gave me the confidence to find a wife and have children, who now mean everything to me.

Just think what my life would be like had I stayed gay and not decided to seek treatment? I really believe people can change and I am not the only one.

Here in the small town where I live there are other guys too who've gone through just what we have.

Every first Saturday of the month we meet to discuss our feelings and emotions. It usually happens at Kurt's house when his wife's away.

Kurt, Harvey, Oscar, Quentin, Freddie and I have such a great time.

Just last week Quentin wanted to show us his new mail-order underwear.

Standing up, he slowly slid his trousers down to show us his designer briefs, his hot body glistening in the afternoon sun.

Harvey, now unable to control himself reached out and gently grabbed Quentin's now ample bulge.

On the couch nearby Freddie and Kurt moved into each other, Kurt's hand gently sliding down Freddie's washboard-hot abs as their steaming tongues interlocked in a wet, passionate kiss; both men rubbing [I think that's enough stories of "cured" gays.]


Twanji Kalula said...

How did I not know about this blog? Having a good chuckle. Thanks for the add on Twitter.

Bobby Cox said...

Twanji: Ditto. Ditto and ditto! (smiley face goes here)

Timmy said...

I've never understood how someone can be an ex-gay. LOL If being an ex-gay gets me more man-on-man action, sign me up to be cured!

Bobby Cox said...

Timster: Somehow I think you're not taking this seriously!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you cut your post short, where it was getting really interesting. Why's that?

OK, Jus' kiddin'…

It is actually very sad that people in this time and age would consider 'curing themselves'... Yet every age has had its fair share of the confomist guys. Just comes with the territory.