Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Holy shit it's nearly April. Anyway.

This is the longest fucking take-off in the history of take-offs but remember Liam (does anyone still care?)

So, Liam for beginners...

Bobby sees Liam at gym, wants him

After four months of casual chatting and some working out together Bobby asks Liam out for drink.
Liam says yes but only when Trolley-dolly boyf is away. Whatever.

Trolley-dolly boyf dumps Liam.

Liam asks Bobby out, Bobby says 'too busy' thinks 'whatever'.

Bobby suggests drinks, they agree and him and Liam swap full names and numbers.

I suspect we'll probably get around to sitting down together with a vodka and Coke sometime after the next bloody passing of Haley's comet.

And you deserve a medal for having to read this self-serving drivel too.

It's more dull than the first time you listened to the Hard Candy all the way to the end in the hope that at some point it would get good.

(I don't think there's a single person in the whole world who's able to tell the difference between "She's Not Me" and "Give It 2 Me". Okay one's a little faster - 10 points if you can tell me which one. No cheating.)

I'm going to see if I can stick my iPod up my nose.


Timmy said...

I had forgotten about Liam. Glad to know this is an LTR.

Michael said...

Give It 2 Me is faster.

How many points do I need for the prize?

fleetmonkey said...

I thought you decided Liam was generally a git and couldn't be trusted because he was happy to go behind his trolley dollies back?

Chance for a good shag with something pretty effecting your moral compass?

Not judging - my last shag was a married guy a month before he had his first child arrive. Although to be fair I didn't know about the kid till after. Bugger never answered me back on shagdar after we met as well - I went and bought rope especially for the kinky bugger.

Bobby Cox said...

Timmy: Thanks! It's so long-term I've taken out a retirement annuity to pay for the wedding reception.

Michael: Yes. So the prize - er, um... suggestions?

Fleets: You bought rope?! Wow... (He's a git I think... though I reserve the right to change my mind!)

fleetmonkey said...

Yes I bought rope - he was into being dominated - last email I got from him before we met he wanted to know what I wanted him to call me - options included, sir, master and daddy.

Ended up tieing him to my Ab King Pro.