Monday, 23 March 2009

Grated cheese

To celebrate the start of summer or spring or maybe it was because there was a birthday, I don't know... anyway, we decided to fill our house up with friends on Friday night.

And in completely unrelated news, here's a picture of me drinking beer off the kitchen floor...

Moving on.

As some of us were a little peckish, I decided to stick a pizza in the oven. Of course as it happened, I forgot about it until the pizza began to start smelling.

I ran into the kitchen and opened the oven door to find our cheese and tomato snack looking like burnt toast and about as stiff as chipboard.

Since we'd all had a few lemonades, I thought it would be a hilarious sketch. I played the waiter and Chris played the customer.

"Exscuza me sir - heeere is your pizza...."

"What?! This is burnt, it's shit!"

At which point Chris (playing The Customer brilliantly) grabs the hardened, burnt pizza and flings it out the window as one would throw a frisbee.

Everyone laughs as the pizza goes rotating out of the kitchen window and into the night. We think nothing more of it.

The next morning there's a note at our door attached to something burnt and stiff.

It obviously landed up in the neighbour's back yard which is a bit crap because earlier in the evening they'd asked us to turn the music down.

Last weekend it was spending hundreds on alcohol with the boy on the right, this weekend it's drinking beer off the floor and homing magarita pizzas.

Next weekend, I swear, I'm going to spend the weekend in a monastery.

At least there I won't wake up to find Chris's underwear in my bed.


seahorse said...

i want to join these parties, i'll take care of em neighbours for you!!

Bobby Cox said...

Seahorse: We still want them to be our neighbours!

Timmy said...

with the right group of guys, I think a monastery could be fun. ;-)

Daniel said...

I am jealous of your debauchy darling! also I love the madonna erotica and fritzal 365 piccies!

so are you at this moment not hung over or drunk?

*hugs and gropes*

Bobby Cox said...

Timmy: And there would be a lot of calling out for God. I don't see a difference.

Daniel: At this precise moment I am sober. Ish.