Sunday, 29 March 2009


I was bored so I made a pretty picture using the covers of 50 albums.
(It goes big if you click on it...)

I could write you at least a thousand words on each of the albums and how much they mean to me but by album 11 you'd be stabbing yourself in the eye with a pencil.

So instead I'm going to choose ten. I can't decide which the ten are but I know that OK Computer may be in there. I think.

Bjork's Post is definitely one of them.

Can you name them all? One particular one is a bit tricky. Right-hand-side, second from the top.


Anonymous said...

Choose the Velvet Rope. Pleaseeeeeee

Bobby Cox said...

That's top row, second from right innit.
Do you want me to do 1,000 words on the Velvet Rope?
Have some good gossip instead - do you know that on the Velvet Rope Tour I had interactions with one of Janet's backing dancers.

yani said...

Isn't a little bit easy when half of them have the titles on the cover?

Going with the ones where I recognise them from their covers alone:

Genesis - Invisible Touch
Janet - Velvet Rope
Kylie - Fever
Madonna - I'm Breathless
Madonna - Confessions from a Dancefloor (or whatever it was called)
Madonna - Ray of Light
Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
Bram Stoker's Dracula Soundtrack
Michael Jackson - Dangerous (first CD I ever owned, before I even had a CD player in fact)
Michael Jackson - Bad
Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
Batman Soundtrack

That's about it without cheating and either reading the covers or looking them up... and I currently do or have owned all but two out of that list.

Bobby Cox said...

Yani: Maybe a little easy maybe. Nearly snap on the Dangerous CD. In 1991 my mum got a CD player for her birthday and I bought her the Dangerous CD as a present even though we had nothing to play it on. I just remember the inlay booklet being very fat.
The artwork was so cool. Got that was ages ago!
Which two haven't you owned? Tell me it's not Malcolm McLaren? Bottom left...