Monday, 9 March 2009

Super Bobby

It's a website so cool that when you open it up, Bonnie Tyler starts playing...

The idea is that you design your own superhero and that's the idea. Please meet Super Bobby "Double Bullet"...

Of course he is designed in my exact likeness. Can't you tell?

More than that though, I have been considering what powers Super Bobby should have.

First he should have the ability to fly - not by himself but in a super-cool Flying Bentley.

Secondly Super Bobby should have the ability to print money. You can't have poor heroes.

It would look ridiculous if he's trying to rid the world of evil-doers the one minute and then having to deal with the whingeing cow in HR who's demanding to know why he's constantly on leave.

That's the one thing that never quite added up when it came to Superman.

Surely someone in the office would have complained that Clark Kent was constantly running out and not doing much work? It's not like he was going for a sneaky fag at the goods entrance.

Can you imagine? "Jeez, who's that with the slicked-back hair and silly glasses and why the fuck does he keep running for the bloody lift every few hours? Tosser..."


Super Bobby would also have the world's most advanced gaydar. You can't have no superhero coming onto the wrong guys in the bar.

Super Bobby would also have the ability to convince others to give him oral sex without ever having to reciprocate.

Super Bobby would also have a big house on the hill and every weekend his Superhero buddies would come around and they would spend Saturday afternoons around the pool in their Superhero Speedos, their muscular bodies glistening the hot sun and they would oil each other up and slowly
[I think that's enough extraordinary superpowers for the moment...]

Make your own superhero here.


dickophile said...

i think since clark is a reporter hes supposed to be running out every other minute. thats why its the perfect job for him.

W said...

i think i already have one of those superpowers :P

Bobby Cox said...

Dicks: But if he never produces any articles then someone is going to smell a rat! (Or maybe he does actually write something in the end..)
Is there anyone who can help us with Superman here?

W: Ohmygod, you have a Bentley!

Alfred said...

very busy i will send you email later
wait for me

Bobby Cox said...

Alfred: I can NOT wait!!