Sunday, 1 March 2009


So we went to Cape Town pride yesterday and this guy was selling shots of alcohol.

And I said there's absolutely no way we are going to be typical gays and buy alcohol just so that we could be patronised by the guy selling it.

My principle crumbled very quickly...

That guy could burn down my house and crash my car and rip up all my clothes and smash my computer and beat up all my friends and throw shit at my employer and spread lies about me and infect me with a fatal disease and chop all my limbs off and punch me in the face and I would still forgive him unequivocally.

There's not much else to say other than that he was at least a head taller than me and I am 6'1.

What. A. God.

He was so exceptional it was actually psychologically painful to have to see. I kept having to look away.


Timmy said...


dickophile said...

oh dear me. was he gay? did he flirt with you? did you grope him? details bobby details!

Anonymous said...

fck me.... gorgeous!

note to self, book flights to cape town pride next year.


MadeInScotland said...

Saffers for you.


Bobby Cox said...

Dicks: We bought some booze and I looked the other way and that was the end of it.
But I stared a little when he didn't look.
It was too difficult to comprehend.

B: It's a long to way on the off-chance that he's here... but it could be worth it actually.

Scotty: I know. Dirty fuckers. Personally, I'm not fond of them.

dickophile said...

bobby! im so disappointed. i was sure you shagged him. bobby always gets his man!

Vučko said...

He could only be hotter if he was yelling at me in Afrikaans...

Oldyeller said...

But you did manage to retain your composure enough to get his picture--I'll bet you said you were taking a pic of his excellent shirt. I think I would have asked if his abs matched those on his shirt, hoping he would lift it up.

seahorse said...

jirre jirre jirre skeur my klere!!!!

fuck its been a year already since cape town dam time goes by, last time u were still stuck at airport haha..

lucky shit, im giving the march trip a miss time will do december instead for a namib safari aswell.

i hear the weathers great enjoy!!