Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Two little boys

(Or actually, they're not that little.)

Here's a picture for your pleasure...

This picture features two boys, the one on the left and the one on the right.

The one on the left phones the one on the right and asks "what are you doing?"

The one on the right says "nothing much." Since it's a Saturday lunchtime they both decide that perhaps the best thing to do is to drink.

And here's what they drank at the restaurant they were at for the afternoon:

The one on the left: 4 Castle lager bottled beers
The one on the right: Double brandy and ginger ale, 3 Windhoek Lager bottled beers.

They also both enjoyed two complimentary beers bought for them by some gentleman named Eugene who was sat two tables down.

Eugene had offered the boy on the right an afternoon of no-strings-attached casual sex. The boy on the right declined. You would have too.

Finally, to round off the session at that particular restaurant they decided on a Springbok shot which consists of half Creme De Menthe and Amarula.

Now they had moved to the local lesbian bar, the same bar frequented by the mum of the boy on the left.

Being the first ones at the club they chatted to the owner. She gave them a complimentary shot of chocolate tequila.

Then to make things simple the one on the left said "lets open a tab instead of us both fishing out money."

They both agreed this was an excellent idea because as it subsequently appeared, they could keep track of just how much they'd drunk that night.

And before you ask, here is the inventory:

The boy on the left:

1 vodka & Coke
2 black Sambuca shots
4 Springbok shots (recipe as above)
2 chocolate tequilas
9 Windhoek bottled beers.

The boy on the right (closely matched):

1 brandy & Coke
2 black Sambuca shots
4 Springbok shots
2 chocolate tequilas
9 Windhoek bottled beers.

On Sunday afternoon when the boy on the left woke up he said to the boy on right "I'm still drunk."

The boy on the right admitted that he too was feeling pretty rough.

So they met on Monday for the cure, four cigarettes and two double vodka and Cokes each.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh…”Picasso Face”….Sounds like a fun reunion….But….

Holy Hangover Batman, I think I would be in a coma after that combination.

Glad to see you survived.

seahorse said...


Bobby Cox said...

Anon: Who are you calling Picasso face?! (Or what does that mean?)

Seahorse: I suspect you've already started...

fleetmonkey said...

Springbok shots - reminds me of my fave shot from when i was at uni - very slightly different - Creme De Menthe and Baileys - they used to call it a Green Snot though - have you ever tried a Grasshopper?

Bobby Cox said...

Fleets: Your uni shot is nearly identical to a Springbok. Bailey's and Amarula are practically the same. And when they're cold they go down so very well...
Ooh - fancy one now.
(That's a question AND a statement)

Timmy said...

I like stories like this! Such fun.

Anonymous said...

If I give you my number would you pass it on to the boy on the right?

Bobby Cox said...

Timmy: It wasn't much fun the morning after!

Anon: Send me a picture of you (face and naked) and then I'll decide...