Monday, 4 May 2009

Monday, 4 May 09

If this is the time that I get up, so be it.
It's a bank holiday in the Great Britains so it is acceptable that I rise at this time of the morning.
And afterwards I get out of bed.

And I'm at the gym which is down the road from my house. This is why it is easy for me to get out of bed and be at the gym in no time.

For this I have provided a map so that you can see exactly what I mean.

I am having some gyms, particularly pectorals although it is a Day of Irritating because it seems today is Lack Of Any Personal Awareness day.

This explains why I have to say the following to someone: "excuse me but I'm fucking using these weights because I'm fucking holding them."

Except I left out the two fuckings.

I am at home where I am preparing food which will accompany me to work. This is because everyone has no money because we're all in a depression.
Austerity is the new extravagant.

I am preparing grilled chicken breast which will go with fresh spinach accompanied by a black pepper and lemon dressing.

Here's the grilled chicken (I don't know why it looks pink):

My housemate shrieks by what she's found on the stove cooling off. She says it looks like cooked body parts.
Or as she calls it, "weird fucking Hannibal Lector food."
Jealous bitch.

Sally (my housemate, for it is her) then pours tinned ravioli in a bowl which she heats up in the microwave and the smell of tinned food fills the kitchen and it is a beautiful smell.
Much better than dry fucking chicken.

Look, we're all sorted for the morning. The little tub is for mid-morning snack and the big one is for lunch, lunch.

The protein shake accompanies the main meal.

This explains this:



Gabriel said...

i think we are on the same diet - except my chicked is poached. its spinach as well but i put FAT dressing on it to erase how bland this combination is. depressing.

i love you even more xo

Bobby Cox said...

Gabriel: I love you further.
I grill the chicken because it's the easiest. And salmon gets poached in the microwave.