Sunday, 3 May 2009

Saturday, 02 May 09

The day didn't start very well...
...and just got progressively worse.

After aforementioned Christening and we're in a beer garden in Chiswick.

Drinking far too much white wine and doing it far too quickly.

Too pissed and so me, Anna and Hugh decide to leave (in all fairness there are just a few of us left propping up the bar).

We can't leave without having one for the road.

And this is where it all goes wrong.

It is decided that we shall walk to Hammersmith tube station.
It is further decided that during the walk to Hammersmith tube station, if a pub crosses our path we have to go in and have another shot of Sambuca.

We have had 4 shots of Sambuca each because we have passed 4 pubs. This is on top of about 7 glasses of white wine earlier. On a near empty stomach.

All three of us have woken up slumped in our seats as the train pulls into Farringdon. We passed out and missed the stop at Baker Street (5 stops back).

I vomit in the dustbin at Finchley Road tube station.

I strip off my clothes and fall into bed because I cannot stand up anymore.


MadeInScotland said...

Just another regular Bank Holiday weekend, then?

Why Bobby, I didn't realise you were going for the St. George citizenship. Irrespective it seems you are truly an honorary brit, if not in DNA then in drink!


Anonymous said...

oh that was just fucking awesome bobby. we need more boo's from youse!

Bobby Cox said...

Scot: I don't know what a bank holiday is and I have never drank anything in my entire life.
And the only Brit I know is Britney.

+++: I have never used the word fucking, er. And I don't know what audioboo is and if I did I wouldn't use it anyway.
Expect another one soon.

Fresco said...

Last but one ??:?? log: how glamorous.

Bobby Cox said...

Fresco: I don't know what a dustbin is and I have never vomited into one in my life.