Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday, 14 June 2009

So we are in a club dancing. It looks like this...

Crew bar in Green Point, Cape Town
This is dancing above us but nobody is taking any notice of it.

Gogo boy in Crew club in Green Point, Cape Town
And now we're in this club which is just around the corner and I have had a shot of Sambuca.


For some reason I just can't be bothered so I quietly slip away.

I realise that I need something to soak up the Sambuca in my stomach so I head to the place that anyone who has ever been out in Cape Town will know and love....

The pie shop!

I remember that just over 48 hours ago Alex and I were at the pie shop. It's weird to be standing there all alone. For a Saturday night it is extremely quiet.

Sitting in the car munching my pie. It's just not the same.

You can fill in the rest here...

I'm putting clothes into a suitcase which means that it's coming to an end.
I'll be back here again soon and I'm excited for it already.

My emotions are shot to shreds. My liver is too. So are my lungs.
Would you mind if I was incredibly rude and asked you to talk amongst yourselves for a little bit while I gather myself and my thoughts?

Back in a moment.

This post clubbing comedown is about to hit me very hard in a moment or two. I have boarded up the windows and have sand-bagged the levees but as much as you prepare, once the tears start coming, it's difficult to know when they're going to stop.

This is the mother of all storms.

And I have started playing Eurythmics' song "17 Again" and here we go. Oh god, this is now going to hurt a lot.


Anonymous said...

Timmy said...

17 Again. Oh my. That song can open the floodgates for me.

WORD said...

Just for your info - Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) has been released early to iTunes so it's available to download now!