Saturday, 13 June 2009

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Could this be the time that I wake up? Who knows...
I haven't really been keeping track and I don't suppose you have either.

I am still lying in bed because I just cannot bring myself to get out.

Oh, screw it...

And that's amusing because last night we were in a restaurant that was trying to look Greekish.

Whereas now, as if by magic...

We are in a restaurant that is actually a Greek restaurant.

And mum and dad have been replaced by Andrew and Kevin.

Presenting the first in an occasional series of "Bobby's Restaurant Reviews"...

If you go to Marika's in Camps Bay, have the lamb burger cos it's nice.
Obviously don't eat it if you're a vegetarian.
I can't remember how much it cost. Bye.

Boys, this is the Ritz Hotel in Sea Point in Cape Town. Except everyone refers to it as The Pits...

The reason for this particular nomenclature is perhaps because the place hasn't been touched since the 80s.

And the top you will see a round thing. That is a revolving restaurant. Naturally everyone calls it the Revolting restaurant.

We are at the Pitz because we have finished at the Greek restaurant and we are too early to go to a bar. So we are having a drink in the dreadful bar at the top of the hotel. The barman is drunk.

Seriously, this place has not been touched since the autumn of 1982. It is ghastly / fabulous.

Presenting the first in an occasional series of "Bobby's Bar Reviews"...

If you want to drink somewhere that feels like you're stuck in some bizarre time warp then go to the top of the Ritz. Even the pianist (on a white piano, mind...) was playing Barbra Streisand's "Woman in Love."
I had fun actually. Like a novelty card is fun for a while.
But mind the barman if he's drunk. Bye.

What's this?
Oh, we're in the Beaulah Bar in Green Point.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yes, that was the sound of you laughing when I told you of the story of the guy whose picture I found on the internet.

Okay, so you don't remember it. Well it wasn't that funny actually. You can refresh yourself of this story by going here now.

I thought he was hot, okay!

Anyway, so you know the punch line to this story already but at this exact time I see a guy in the bar who looks strangely familiar and I cannot think of where I've seen him.

And then it occurs to me.

Ping! (That's the sound of the penny dropping through the eye of the camel)
He's the guy I wrote about on my blog. This revelation deserves an OMFG with an ! mark. OMFG!

Of course, it has to happen...

I say "you're going to think I'm mad but I want my picture taken with you."

He says: "I think you're a little mad but that's okay. What's it for?"
I say: "Do you have a pen an paper?"
He says: "Um no, you really are mad."
I say: Hold on.

I ask for the barman for a pen and paper. (I ask, I get).

Writing my e-mail address down on a piece of paper I say, "if you e-mail me I will show you what the picture's for and don't worry, it's nothing outrageous or ridiculous."

I don't think that's a lie.

"Alex. Missing you. In Beaulah with some familiar-looking suspects. ---- says hello and your weird stalker can't find you. He is weird. It's not the same without you."

Standing at the bar and I have about 17% dread for how this evening's going to end.
It's not going to be pretty, that is all I am able to ascertain at this stage.


fleetmonkey said...

Have you and hottie had a quickie gasy marriage - or do they not do that over there?

fleetmonkey said...

addendum - gay marriage - gasy assumes they cater to fetishists as well