Friday, 3 April 2009

Friday 03 April 09

Woke up late for work because the mobile phone I use as an alarm clock is still on winter time which means it's an hour ahead.

On the Jubilee Line and some idiot in carriage six is leaning against the doors which means the train comes to a stop suddenly and everyone falls on top of each other. Particularly one large lady into me.

At Tesco buying sushi, a Red Bull (sugar free) and water. This is Friday's mid-morning snack. I drink the Red Bull before I get back to my desk.

Agree with David that we're going to have an extended lunch at the newly-opened Balans in Westfield.

Sitting with David, looking at the menu in the newly-opened Balans in Westfield. However, unlike every other Balans, all the waiters here are women. Where are all the Puerto Rican rentboys, like hello?!

Order the Cobb salad and contemplate substituting the entire dish like Larry David does in Episode 13, Season 2 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I don't, however.

A large bottle of red wine arrives and since David's ordered it we must drink it.

At my desk rather pissed because we decided to have a few Brandy Alexanders too. Yes I know - so gay.

Drinking large quantities of water to try and sober up.

Phone up The Boy On the Right in Cape Town to ask him something and wake him up. I call him a lazy cunt which he is because it's 18.02 South African time.

At gym running on the treadmill furiously, thinking to myself "out, out damn Merlot - out of my veins, out!" The woman on my iPod sings "nothing but a heartache, nothing but a teardrop..."

Nearly finished at the gym but having a final protein shake while watching some guy bench press so many weights that the bar bends slightly. Stop myself from having a mini wee.

Walking home.

Pack my gym bag because I have agreed to do extra work tomorrow morning for cash. Actually, it's not really work, it's more like manning the fort.
After work I will attend the gym again to do upper body.

Trying to read David Sedaris' Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim but my eyes are battling to stay open. It's not that funny when you're falling asleep.

Type this and about to turn the light off. Oh fuck, the PC's on 15%. Get out to bed to plug it in. It's not a PC, it's a Mac. Cor...

Lights out. For a Friday night, I'm so fucking boring.