Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tuesday 14 April 09

Don't you love it when you're travelling on the Central Line, between Lancaster Gate and Queensway and you find an unexpected gem of a song on your iPod that you'd forgotten about?
Today that song is "Been Around the World" by Puff Daddy and the Family.
God I'm so phat.

Today I am on a new eating regime and oh shit, I'm a minute late for my protein shake. Ping! Add milk and shake.
(One day the lid is going to fly off, I swear...)

Surfing the web looking at club pictures from Cape Town and happen upon this photo.

I have blanked out what's on either side to concentrate your mind on the middle.

If anyone knows who this is will they please tell him that I'm keen to get hitched for life and ever and ever.

Perfect symmetry, good teeth, a tan and kinda looks like an older and more human version of Ashton Kutcher, don't you think?

I'm not 100% sure about the facial hair but we all know that relationships are about compromise (i.e. he's going to have to compromise and shave).

Were you in the lesbo-homo Beulah bar this weekend in Cape Town? Male me.

Of course if it's you in the picture and you get offended, come and beat me. And wear cellophane.

Ping! And it's lunchtime which today is torn strips of grilled turkey and spinach. Tastes like cardboard and tissue paper.

In Westfield. Or to be more precise, in Armani Exchange in Westfield. Some nice leather jackets and they're not that expensive. I'm pondering.

In Sports Direct contemplating a club outfit for later this year. Tightey white PT shorts, rugby socks and a vest with wrist bands.
I'm going to have to test drive this look at some point I feel. Feeling and pondering.

What's this!? I'm on the Jubilee Line travelling northward. Oh well.

I love that the guy in the gym who's trying not to look actually ends up staring.

Andrew and Kevin have a webcam in their office which is great because it usually that means I get a lovely view of Table Mountain while sat here in London.

The view should look like vaguely like this:

However, I am forced to email both Andrew and Kevin.

Guys, it doesn't work when you leave the office and forget to turn the lights off. Thanks.

23:07I could be all highbrow and say that I'm going to bed to relax and devour a few chapters of François-René de Chateaubriand (untranslated).

The sad truth is that I'm really off to spend about 7 minutes, just me and XTube.