Thursday, 13 August 2009

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Ah for fucks' sake...

So we had a few people around for a shandy because the football was on and of course things got a little silly.

We had friends around not because the football was on but simply because. It so happened that England were playing Holland in a friendly. And although it was on, no-one was actually watching it.

I glanced at it a few times because I placed a £5 bet that Holland would win. This was based purely on the fact that man-for-man, Holland looked the fitter team. Although I'm not sure about the orange.

Anyway, so... things got silly and I woke up this morning to find this...

...which is a little annoying.

Oh thank heavens. The stain is out of the cushions after I nimbly put the covers in the washing machine with A LOT of detergent.

Oh listen - Ricky Martin..

We think he's hot, don't we?

And you've just gotta love how, if you do a Google Image for him, the most popular images are of him on the beach in a Speedo with his much better looking friend...

Holy smokes, the friend is hawt.

I think I was thinking about Ricky Martin because David Beckham was on the TV last night.

Have you seen Beckham recently? He has SO uglified himself. I do not know what Tom Cruise sees in him.

Oh come off it - what the hell do you think?! George Clooney, David Beckham, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Ricky Martin, Ian Thorpe, Mika...

You can't disturb me because I'm packing the dishwasher.

If they knew, the neighbours would say "please can you turn down the Freemasons remix of Justice's Phantom Part 2", instead all they must think is "more of that annoying bloody doof doof noise from 134."

This London jewel heist is nasty but whenever I hear about it, all I think is "ohmygod - K-K-Ken is c-c-coming to k-k-k-kill me..."

Ssh please! Murder, She Wrote is on. My daily ritual.

Bloody hell, Jessica Fletcher never says good-bye to anyone.


I wrote all this bollocks about being pissed this afternoon and going out for drinks with Jim and and... it's disappeared!

That is very very annoying.

This is a consequence of being a drunk pisshead and drinking in the afternoon.

So. Can we call it quits and let's start another day tomorrow. A normal day with normal things?


Anonymous said...

If I'm answering the right question...

No. No. Yes. Definitely. Jeez, who'd a thunk it. No clue. And Duh!

Oh, I so hope I'm answering the right question!

Bobby Cox said...

Nine: It was a rhetorical question and the answer would be yes definitely to all of them.
Although it just depends what the question is!

fleetmonkey said...

Is that Rickys "friend" Waldo?