Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday, 25 September 09

If you were to guess the kind of day, you wouldn't ask!
And you wouldn't have needed to have asked because you would have guessed.

I have a new ambition.

This to add to my ambition to be:
an Olympic Swimmer
a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer
an underwear model.

My new ambition is to be a concert pianist and play the third movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata no. 14. Yes, that dreaded piece.

Everyone murders the first movement (to death) but the third is completely fucking radical. Check out this birdy in the red dress really give it a fucking hammering.

She hands it such bloody stick that there are even a few duff notes*.
* = ropey left hand at 0:53, holds the sustain pedal for slightly too long at 1:14 and the wrong finger on the wrong key at 4:02.

Watch at around 4'37, the poor woman convulses in a semi-bloody-orgasm, lifting about two inches off the stool. Get her!

Does anyone have a Steinway I could borrow?

I reckon it's easy - the left hand does some weirdo-style Alberti bass and the right hand is just doing arpeggios in C# minor. How hard can it be?

I am going to practice my hand technique in bed. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day, I can feel it!

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