Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wednesday, 09 09 09

This is how I know that I live in Groundhog Day*.
(* = as in the film. Not as in that weird Hollywood leading man-stylee habit of a small furry animal and a hole)

In the mornings I see the same two people on the Tube; a cute German-looking blonde guy and the big mess of muscle.
Pictures will follow.

When I get off the Tube the same man is stood outside the Tube station selling the Big Issue and everyday says the same thing; "you boy wanna buy Big Issue?"

I look up into the sky and see a Boeing 747 heading to land at Heathrow. It is a Qantas jet.

For those with a curious mind, the flight is QF31 from Kingsford Smith that stopped off on the way in Singapore for a while.
I'm all into air travel at the moment...

Ohmygod. I have a tip for you...

If you're in an office meeting that you don't want to be in, take your cell or mobile in with you and then ring a phone just adjacent to the meeting door and as soon as it makes a rings, leave the meeting room and offer to answer it.

After the meeting has ended say "god, the person on the other end didn't half drone about stuff that I don't remember what it was..."

And hey presto! you've got out of the rest of the meeting.

My phone rings. "Hey, did you see the e-mail I sent you about my status update on Facebook?"

Er, no you freak. Piss off.

So I'm sitting in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. And I thought about it and I decided that it wasn't going to be thatoften that I was sat here so I opted for some champagne.

Like 9 glasses of champagne are hardly going to kill me, are they...?!

I am going to close the laptop and sit back for a while to reflect.

There are pictures being taken, there are words being saved. Would I ever let you miss a trick?

For the moment though, I think some quiet time for reflection is called for.

(This is colloquially known as er - I'm going for a snooze and when I stir it will be time to board the plane which means I am going to have to turn the laptop off because there is no reception etc.)

See you in South Africa.

I'll drink to that.

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