Wednesday, 20 August 2008

A cut below

So like how open are you about telling someone if you're cut or uncut?

We were in the office today, three gays (urgh, spit), and two were talking about their willies. The one asked me if I was cut and I was like "er..." and before I could anything say he was like "ohmygod, you have a hang-up".

I said I wasn't going to tell them because they'd just accused me of having hang-ups but hmm...

I'm like, well you can find out if you really want but I'm not going to say. Is that a hang-up?

And the other thing is; how open are you to admitting that you're passive or bottom or top or active?

Like the one gay was saying that his worst is when he's getting it and the guy goes slow and then suddenly goes fast. (This really is not me) but I was like, 'I don't wanna know that.'

Maybe I am a terrible prude.

The funny thing is how people attach stereotypes. Tall, lanky guys apparently have massive willies and are all top whereas big muscle-men are usually "power bottoms" who're not very well hung.

The anthropological reasoning is that big musclemen have made themselves all big 'n buff to counter the fact that things aren't too impressive down there.

But that's not the gossip. As everyone knows, Hard-On is a club night in London where men get together and's all like sex and leather and stuff. I don't know anything about this.

However, what I do know that is on the website is a club picture of someone who works in our office!

He hasn't got his hand up another man's bottom and he isn't dancing on stage with a raging erection but nonetheless. He must know it's there, the website has like adult checks etc and he obviously doesn't mind.

At least it's a good benchmark should I ever want to get into porn or anything.

God we're starved of good gossip.


Just Me said...

I normally dont tell people if I am cut or uncut. There is only one way for them to find out!

So the guy that works in your building also works at the club?

Bobby Cox said...

Kai: No, no... (just incase somehow he ends up reading this...)
My colleague was simply a patron at the club, dressed in a dirty ol' leather strap thiny but doesn't work there! Why do you think you may know him...?! ;-0

dickophile said...

are any of these coworkers cute?

Martin said...

I'm not particularly bothered by divulging that kind of information, mainly because I'm not wired to care about meaningless facts. I do prefer (an in fact welcome) a guy to take the initiative and find out for himself.

I have friends who are so hung up about it, particularly who's a bottom and who's a top. I put it down to insecurity at being a bottom.

Incidentally, in my experience short guys are often well hung.

Bobby Cox said...

dick: None of the people who work in my office are at all cute, good looking or fit. Me included.
It's true actually.

Martin: So my explanation about small guys having big willies is that they have normal size willies but in proportion to their bodies, they are huge. But that's not a bad thing really.

Timmy said...

If someone asks about cut or uncut, I usually tell they'll have to find out for themselves. And about the top/bottom thing, I usually have the same response, unless he is really hot and I'm drunk then I usually divulge everything.

And what do you mean YOU are not cute, goodlooking or fit? I've put you in my Hall of Fame!

Anonymous said...

To me, the biggest passion killer, a major turn-off, is, if in the heat of the moment, a guy asks if you are a top or bottom, passive or active etc....

Only hygiene or bad breath turns me off more.


The Neighbors Will Hear said...

I've always thought that one of the pleasures of being gay is our ability to be open about our sex lives. I don't see why it's anything to be secretive or embarrassed about, particularly with other gay men. I've noticed that not everyone shares this belief, and I think I sometimes embarrass my friends when I share details, even though they always want to hear more.

As for cut/uncut, in the vast majority of the cases, it's not something you had any control over, so revealing that is a bit like revealing your ethnicity.

Edd said...

i have to say that ive done things that would make a sexworker blush, but im a terrible prude wen it comes to conversation, my business is mine only, which is fortunate as everyone thinks im angelic and naive,

oh and for the record im Tall and lanky. :~) and yes i have foud that to be true.