Sunday, 10 August 2008

The dude is fit Pt 1

I know that you're interested and because I know that you care.

Long day at work ends with a bottle of champagne in the edit suite because we've finished another massive project.

Susie, my co-conspirator, has a party to go to which I am invited to but instead I go home.

Getting off the tube I still have The Taste so I go into the Costcutters to buy a Stella which I sip while walking home.

I get in, sit down on my bed and think "I'll just lie my head down here for a moment and rest my eyes." I wake up at 4am.

I go to the gym. I go to the fancy dress party dressed as a personal trainer. The theme is 'p'. Thanks for your suggestions.

I end up talking to a woman who I think is interested in me.

She's a widower, she's absolutely fabulous and I lust after her clutch bag which has a small skull mounted on it, encrusted with black crystals.

Her late husband was a businessman in France and he was also a billionaire. We sit laughing and drinking Chateau Margaux.

I promise to take her to Fire, she promises that next time I go to Paris I can use their apartments. Deal.

Now quite drunk, I call it quits and decide to get the Tube home. I stagger on at Tottenham Court Road.

I sit on the Tube thinking how fun it would be to be a billionaire. Whatever.

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dickophile said...

he is definitely fucking perfect! and in that video i felt compelled to stare at his crotch. love his accent. so is he gay? tell me hes gay.

Bobby Cox said...

I would bet all my savings that he is straight. Very definitely so.

scotrock said...

o m f g, I am green with envy

he's gorgeous

and I admire your evident self control!


dickophile said...

dream crusher.

Monty said...

YUMMMMMMMO! He's nearly as hot as your good self!!! :-)

David said...

Ohhh when he turns and winks at the camera. Cheesy but so hot. You lucky bugger.

Bobby Cox said...

scot: i was very measured and controlled actually. given the circumstances.

Dick: sorry :-(

Monty: You flatterer you. But is so SO way much hotter. Like we're just high up - he is stratospheric.

David: Yeah matey - HOT HOT HOT. I think he should be flattered that the guys are all lusting after him. He should work it.

David said...

Am I the only one who thinks he is a bit too muscly?
There are many guys out there who make me want to skip dinner but he is not one of them.
With that said im sure there is something more to his look in reality. You should have hit on him bobby! or followed him to the shower! :O

London Preppy said...

Oh J A M E S

Graham said...


OMG, he's gorgeous. How smart are you to find his pics online too. Kudos.

David: in a word, YES.
And Bobby, I'm glad you didn't try it on with him or follow him to the showers, that would have dirtied the experience I think. when they're that hot and straight and nice (he was nice wasn't he?) you just have to admire them (look but don't touch).

Bobby Cox said...

David: No - he's not too muscley. His proportions are exact so it doesn't look ridiculous at all. Precision actually. Perfect too.

London P: Ohmygod - can you imagine?!

Graham: I went to the London Wasps website first because of his shorts. And he looked like a rugby player. It took a while to find it though.

There is one thing that I didn't mention in the post though - and this was the icing on the cake.

So he decided to do shoulders and me and another guy handed him the weights so that he could do those sitting and weight-up-pushy things.

At the end, after like 10 presses and us going "one more mate..." he manages one more push and then drops the weights.

He stands up, looks at me and the other guy and goes "thanks boys..."
He is God.

nouveau ├ętoile said...

and have you seen his profile on the cambridge university rugby union website?

oh my good god brains AND brawn!

Ja said...

i just felt like a little, slightly retarded/mostly uncoordinated gay, child on an easter egg hunt. The shirt up ab pic should be required by all of his type.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous!!! i'm now contemplating changing gyms!

loving the way you completely tracked him down and even got a video of him... well done.!!

A+ Stalker

Timmy said...

Very nice looking. What did he smell like? (one of my standard questions)