Saturday, 16 August 2008

Pole vaults

South Africa are doing so badly at the Olympics that I can't even be bothered to watch when I see a South African taking part.

No-one from the team has won a single bloody medal.

I haven't even cared to find out if there are any hotties in Team SA because they're all doing so badly. Even Togo and Tajikistan are doing better.

I heard, and it must be true, that the Olympics is basically one big shag-fest, once an athletes' individual events are over.

It stands to reason.

You're a straight male gymnast (as if), you're pretty hyped having just won silver and you're at the bar with the American women's volleyball team...

Get this fact: "At the games in Sydney the organisers’ original order of 70,000 condoms for the Olympic Village went so fast that they had to order 20,000 more.
Even with the replenishment, the supply was exhausted three days before the end of the competition schedule."

So, who the fuck are you rooting for? I have found three piles of hot Olympic mess.

First it's Benoit, some French dude who won silver in the gymanstics...

Then there's some Italian stallion called Andrea who won a medal in the Greco Roman wrestling.

And finally Ryan Lochte, an American swimmer.

And listen, we can't ogle over hot Olympic man-flesh without the following...

They just make me giggle because it's so childish to turn Olympic glory into smutty homoerotica. Love it!

And finally, yes, I know what you're wanting.

Here's more of the beautiful Benoit Caranobe.

Hands off bitches, he's mine.


dickophile said...

take him. all i want is the swimmers and their swimmers. :)

Bobby Cox said...

Dick: Michael Phelps is SO not hot actually!

dickophile said...

bitch please.

Martin said...

SA have finally one a medal and are ahead of Tjakistan (just barely). I too have given up watching and have made every swimmer and diver and gymnast my national team. That's what comes from giving your national team modelling contracts.

Bobby Cox said...

Martin: Yeah I saw that. And South Africa lost the rugby against New Zealand on Saturday.
At least it was a silver though. And I can't believe Zimbabwe have done better than South Africa.

Martin said...

For South Africa to have lost the Rugby it would have implied they had played - and although they were on the field I don't think anyone told them that was the point.

Tragic State of Affairs at the moment.