Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday 18/08/08

And this day is Sunday and on this day I find myself on a train which is hurtling towards Tottenham Court Road tube station.

The red in the carriage is like the blood in my veins, that powers me to every sorrow imaginable. And inside I cry but on the outside I am strong. This is just an illusion.

And for this tube journey I am wearing a purple Puma cap, black Pringle top, dark blue _____ jeans, purple aussieBum underwear, black socks and white Nike trainers.

And I get off the train and walk in the direction that everyone else is walking in because that's what they do. And every step I take is another step and the bone-crushing feeling of nothing overcomes me. And I swipe my Oyster card.

I am then at Old Compton Street where the clouds are covering about 92.5% of the sky. Then a text arrives and this text says that everyone is in a queue in Soho Square. And since I have nothing better to do I take the steps necessary to get to this square where everyone is.

And as I make my way through the crowds of people I feel the pain. And this pain can only be described as ________. And then I see _____ who says ____ and ________ but ______.

But then I am standing and this guy walks up to me. And this guy is there and then he stands next to me and suddenly there is a picture. And as Marky Mark says "To bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme, I'm a get mine so get yours."

And then this happens in front of the camera.

And then I walk away and get to this place called Soho Square where I see


London Preppy said...


Bobby Cox said...

London P: I don't know who the guy in the cap is or why he's got a seatbelt on. Odd.

Steven said...

If you're that big next to LP, you'd look like a bloody monster standing beside me.

Jack in Sydney said...

Holy FCUK, Bobby! I don't think I've ever heard anyone nail his (stolen/worldweary/blatantly plaigerized) style so perfectly. I agree with LP... definately an 11 out of 10!

Well done!

Monty said...

Cute boys!!! ;-)

dickophile said...

i swear when i read the first sentence i thought "wait. how'd i get on london preppy?". haha. good job.

p.s. why is it that no matter where he is lp is shirtless? i dont mind. if i were to run into him thats how id want him to be. and possibly pantsless.

firstimpre55ion said...

Wow...two of the hottest blog celebs out in public!

Dang...maybe I need to relocate!?! LOL


Timmy said...


Bobby Cox said...

Steven: I am standing on a box actually. The picture looks distorted. You shouldn't worry.

Jack: The better something is, the easier it is for someone like me to come along and take the piss.

Monty: Who?!

Dick: Don't you know why London Preppy is always shirtless? It's because he's poor and has no clothes. I only went to see him stood on the street corner to take him a bowl of soup and some bread. You should think about donating, you know!

Bry: Relocation, relocation, relocation!

Joe in the OC said...

F'in hysterical you all are. Cheers.

Nix said...

OMG! And finally!

This is the most exciting meeting recorded on the web since these girls reunited.

Anonymous said...

Who's the Greek with the dark hair?!?

lolz apologies in advance :-D

Bobby Cox said...

Joe: So thanks!

Stevie Nix: It was big fucking shit man, you have no idea!

Anon: I didn't know this was a guessing game. I give up. Who is Greek with dark hair?