Monday, 4 August 2008

Cum dump

I am slightly embarrassed that I am even sticking this up in the first place...

There aren't many standards around here but even I think that this Bobbycast falls well below what's generally acceptable.

There is supposed to be a Bobbycast here but I can't embed audio clips without them immediately causing the bandwith on the hosting site to shoot off the scale - and then you can't access the file.
Does anyone know how servers and free hosting sites work? Please, please e-mail me... amnotblog AT

Still though, at least listening to it is slightly more interesting than having to read through endless boring words and split infinitives.

That's all really.

Do you know, I was standing on the platform at Bond Street today, and as the train was coming into the station I thought to myself; what would happen if I just ran and jumped in front of it?

Would I be able to hang onto the front of it or would I fall underneath and die? I also wondered what would happen if I just leant forward and pushed someone else under it.

I guess it's so weird in London because everyone is so distant towards each other. No-one takes any notice or cares about anyone else.

I've seen people collapse on the pavement in Oxford Street and others nearly walk over them, because their body's lying in the way.

But for all that distance it's actually really easy to reach out and just change someone's life completely.

The positive side is that tomorrow lunchtime, at the Subway counter, you could meet the man of your dreams. Or someone could accidently push you down a flight of stairs and you could break your neck.

One of my greatest fears is losing a limb. I have a terrible fear of it - so much so that I can't read JM Coetzee's book Slow Man because it's about just that.

Mental shit you can get over - physical stuff must be absolutely awful. There's a guy in the office who has alopecia and all his hair has fallen out.

Fuck knows why I mention this. I guess it's because maybe sometimes you have to lie down and think "thank goodness, I have two legs, two arms, eyes to see, ears to hear, a nose to smell and a mouth to taste and kiss.

Thank goodness I have a body that works well and can experience taste, touch etc."

Oh, and one last thing.

On a gay personals site, what do you think when you see the following (for example):

"Spitroast me and, LOVE boys pissing... stretch my ass to use me as your cum-dump slut boy - ANY COCKS WELCOME - bareback and fists welcome"

Do you think:

a/ Doesn't that person have a little more self esteem and any sense of self worth?
b/ Sounds horny to me
c/ Bobby you're a prude


firechick said...

Sorry for your rough evening the other night. That is not cool. Had a similar incident years ago and can say it took awhile to get over those feelings.

The other thing I want to say is…..Oh my word!!! First I read what you wrote. Then I went to the Bobby-Cast and started to listen. About a minute into it I finally focused on the picture and…..OMG!! You have eyes…Nice!

Ja said...

aren't those called gift giving parties? horrible human beings. as bad as those people who have 6 or more kids, littering the earth.

Oh, and I really have to watch my urges, especially with hot coffee. I always have the 'what if I throw this boiling hot coffee in your face' moment. Not so much subway pushing.

Jeff said...

you might want to try these steps-

Josh said...

How 'bout D: Has a death wish.

Bobby Cox said...

Fire: Yeah, I've had to take the picture down because it was linked to the audio site.
I have to put it back though...

Ja: I think it's just awful. It always offends my senstivities when I read stuff like that. And is there a difference between throwing hot coffee and dripping hot wax on someone?

Jeff: Thanks so much for that - I am going to investigate.

Josh: Yeah. Or D: Urgh!

Ja said...

i think the only difference is location and caffeine content.

W said...

fetishist and extreme 'sexers' generally have sexual issues originating from their childhood (like all bloody issues). i think the appropriate response therefore is to simply feel pity for these poor disturbed freaks