Friday, 11 July 2008

Skank Pt I

1/ I went up to Birmingham yesterday
2/ On the train back we (me and three colleagues) drank far too much
3/ We decided to continue drinking in Shepherd's Bush
4/ I walked back to work at around 1am (?) to get a cab home
5/ I suddenly woke up, slouched over my desk at 4am
6/ I found a couch to go and sleep on
7/ It is now 7am and time for work



dickophile said...

haha. what will you do? :)

Bobby Cox said...

Dick: I am going to ... I don't know. This is the worst I have been for like - fucking hell.
I cannot speak properly because I am still drunk.
It is so bad it's funny.
Fuck. Fuck. I don't know how I am going to survive this day.

wayne said...

Well, at least you weren't late for work ... every cloud and all that.

seahorse said...

haha... Shame on you. This is no way old people should be behaving. Lol the bucket list bit was as reference to the movie i mentioned to u regarding things 2 do before u die.

Timmy said...

wayne said is correct. at least you weren't late for work.

however, you might have a stench to you. is there a FF near you that you can go and clean up. oh wait. bad idea. you'll end up meeting someone and never make it back to work. :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought you said that when you turned 30 you were going to quit drinking?


dickophile said...

so did you survive? you're still alive right?

Bobby Cox said...

Yes, I wasn't suppose to do this when I turned 30. Ye, I am fine. No, I am NEVER doing it again!