Thursday, 24 July 2008

Butt seriously

I bet that you, as I do, get this quite often; straight friends who ask about being gay.

"I dunno, I just always knew...", is what I always say.

You know, like I do, that it's something that's just in-built - a thing that you can't change. You're gay, you love Chaka Khan and sequins and that's it.

(For the record, can I say that it's emerged that Chaka Khan has been a recluse for a while and actually lives at the end of my road in West Hampstead? One day I am going to write a whole 10,000-word post on the Xanadu that is West Hampstead but anyway...)

Anyway, so straight people love to wonder why you're gay and what's so attractive about it.

Today, thanks to Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, I have the answer - that's where I've been all day.

I snapped this pictures because it cried out to me. I have always tried to find the words to explain why I fancied other men but to no avail. Outside the Subway in Dewsbury those words came to me in picture form.

So I say this; to all those straight boys who think that being gay is a cop-out, some sort of lame excuse - I ask you - which do you honestly fancy more?

Picture 1; taken on Thursday, 24 July 2008 outside the Game shop near Subway in Dewsbury?

Picture 2: taken sometime, somewhere in exactly the same style...

I have nothing more to say on this topic, thanks for reading.


Monty said...

I sooooooo concur! Gimme Gimme Gimme No 2 anyday!!!!!

dickophile said...

if i wasnt before i am soooooo gay now.

Edd Espana said...

you went to Dewsbury, please tell me it was for work.

Aaron said...

That stupid fat boy in picture 1 has his jock strap on backwards.

Anonymous said...

ah yes, the whale tail phenomenon. nature's most majestic beast next to the muffin top.

seahorse said...

please tell me thats a woman and not a man in the first pic....god help us if its a man..

Bobby Cox said...

Guys, guys, guys - just to confirm that the person in the first picture (which gay+teen calls the whale tale, very funny) is a woman. It's not a man!! It's a woman. With the big massive arse - the biggest you've ever seen. EVER!

Thanks for the unnecessary bile and Edd - we were in Dewsbury for work. Ohmygod, I have never been in a place so grim and devoid of humanity. It was hell. Literally.